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Why Bother with a Credit Card Comparison

Updated on January 12, 2013

my mature state of accelerated wisdom

It is, of course, always wise to compare the proverbial features and benefits of a given product or service. I’ve never been very wise when it comes to credit. As my ex-girlfriend observed, I want mine now and don’t wish to wait.

Even now, in my mature state of accelerated wisdom (sic), I doubt that I would ever be interested in a credit card comparison. That is, if someone were misguided enough to offer me any credit. I guess that I shouldn’t have invested in all of those derivatives.

I balk at the goody-goodies that want to save my credit soul by offering me debt consolidation. Having poor credit does have some advantages. One is I that I don’t have to trouble myself with the mind numbing task of a credit card comparison.

Another advantage of poor credit is that it is easier to stay on budget. Pay for everything with cash and live within your means is my new mantra.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate all of the sage advice offered on sites like Business Help. Their article on conflict in business is informative and scary. It is scarier than Edgar Allan Poe because it’s real life and now. I guess that Edgar’s stories were real enough. The shocking things in today’s newspapers, what’s left of them, would scare the Dickens out of any Poe reader.

That’s why reading Poe today, not that I would because I am too frightened to, is more like an entertainment to get away from the real murder and mayhem of today. What’s this got to do with business help? Well there was this one smart newspaper writer in the nineteenth century who maintained that, among other great ideas and/or observations, that business is a kind of war.

Best to go AWOL!


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