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Work and Play

Updated on June 23, 2011
Work and Play
Work and Play

The beauty of writing for a travel company is that you get to relive those vacations. And on the flip side, if you’re really good at writing, the company might even let you travel for free. You get to join the elite group of kids that go from country to country in Bermuda shorts and loud Hawaii shirts with toting their most prominent piece of luggage, their laptop, carefully packaged when everything else about them is in total chaos. These were the travel writers.

After the world economy crisis in 2009, people were left stunned by a blow nobody saw coming. One by one all the economic outlets tumbled down with the aftershocks. Jobs were lost as companies either downsized their employees or had to actually close their doors.

One of the worst hit industries was the travel industry. Airlines that had been proud banner carriers of their nations went under, and those who were able to control the nosedive had to be forced to merge with other survivors. Passenger mileage fell and people didn’t even think of vacations in the Caribbean Islands anymore. Beaches were deserted and hotels were empty.

But the one group of people that went on partying, albeit in deserted clubs, was the one with the travel writers. Specifically, the ones that carried laptops to deserted beaches. They were the ones that were mocked as geeks who would be searching for places to plug their laptops in. They were the skinny kids that always had that smirk and always looked like they knew something nobody else did. Well they eventually had the last laugh, that’s for sure.

Most of these travel writers worked for online travel companies. They had no alliance to any one company but were freelancers for hire. The highest bidder bought their services. As they landed each job they were free to look for even more lucrative offers and bailed out if their current ship sank. They persevered because they were ruthless.

Now these kids can still be found, but they have settled down to a bungalow in one of their tropical destinations. They might party but not as hard as the old days, and some might even be seen with a native girlfriend or wife in tow.

But the laptop is gone…because their hands now hold Blackberrys!


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