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Best and Worst Time to Shop for Clothes Accessories Computers and Electronics

Updated on March 26, 2013

Best Time to Shop or When Not to Shop

Do you really know when to shop for deals? Whether you shop frequently or occasionally, a few shopping tips can help you to save a few extra bucks. Many people may have various point of views when it comes to shopping,( in particularly the best time to shop for certain merchandise) which is quite understandable.

However, this is my personal advice: if you are shopping for clothing, and other accessories, don't shop on weekends! With the exception of holiday weekends, the worst time to shop for bargains is on weekends(Saturday and Sunday). When it comes to weekends, retailers have the tendency to display the hot stuffs only for holiday weekends, but they don't do this on the regular weekends.

Usually, Wednesday to Friday is the time that most weekend price markdown begins. By then, everything is usually displayed on the floor. If you are shopping for bargain, especially in tough economic times like these, you want to make sure you get the best quality merchandise for as little as much.

However, weekend shopping will not allow this to happen. By Saturday, you will only be left with nothing but few choices or in other words, picked-over items. One of the main reasons for this, is due to the fact that most stores usually don't have the time to restock the floor after the smart week days shoppers have selected most of the better items.

Worst Time to Shop for Computers and Electronics

When it comes to computer and electronics goods, the worst time to shop for bargain is immediately after a new model or brand comes out on the market. The reason for this is due to the fact that the demand for some electronic goods and computer is usually considerably high whenever a new brand or model first hits the market. Because of this high demand, the prices of these goods also tend to be high.

Many people want to make sure that they are among the first to own the latest models of certain computers or devices. They are therefore, willing to pay the high cost for these goods. The cost of these products will remain relatively high for a while, until the demand for them falls, which will eventually cause a reduction in prices. This is definitely the best time to save a couple of dollars.

The Best Time to Shop For Small Electronics

Recently, it has been discovered that September is one of the best month to purchase small electronics, because during this time of the year, retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy are usually trying to get rid of older electronic models, in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.


Although there are numerous other shopping tips out there that can help you to locate great shopping deals, no doubt, the day of the week or time of the year that you choose to shop can make a great difference, especially if you really want to get excellent bargains or good quality merchandise at a reasonable price. For those of you who have never though of this before, I strongly recommend that you do your own research, just to see what days of the week or time of the year you are able to get better deals on certain items or items of interest.

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