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Get paid for your writing?

Updated on September 9, 2014

Write for money at home

As a mother of two little children, I spend most of my time with them, at home or at playground. My life is so busy that I discover that I totally have very little private time. This is no surprise. But as time goes by. I feel lost a bit and not grounded. I need to find myself again.

Writing as a therapy

I studied Journalism and worked with texts for some time. But there is a big difference between writing something YOU like and what the customers like. As a copywriter, you write about products and marketing texts mostly according to the rules from the client. Of course, you have your creativity in every copy you write. But now I found out hubpages, I think I should give it a try. Yes, I am totally new here. I struggled with finding one really convincing content providing website. I could share my little experience with YOU, if you are also one of my kind - a mother who would like to find some values besides babysitting. Don't get me wrong, taking care of children is of course very nice. But writing as well as earning money besides are totally fine. Especially when I like to think and write. Writing could be a very good therapy to balance your stressful and challenging life with your children.


I started to search for writing opportunities online since last two months. Then I came across textbroker from a local job-hunting website. Their advertisement is very attracting. They said every word counts, which is, they will pay you every word you write at their rate. As I could write German also, I registered both German and English sites. I have to admit that my written German is still a bit behind my written English. So I started out at the lowest level as a German writer, which make me earn very few. By writing 300 words, I earn only about 2 euro. It is fine for me as my grammar is not so nice and I take it as a chance to practice my German writing skills. There are jobs keep coming even for this lowest level. But the thing is, you have to make yourself really free to catch any nice job coming over. I don't know how some people manage to catch the nice job so fast. Sometimes I see some new jobs there, at the minute I clicked on them, they were occupied already. It becomes an addiction - to make yourself even faster than other people to catch the job. If you are really free and can stay around the computer all the day, you really could give it a try. As I said that I also registered at the English website. As I'm not a US citizen, I could only register at their UK website. I started out as a good writer (but at the criteria of their customer page, I am an average writer only). I earned more money, like by writing 500 words, I got about 4 euro. I write faster in English. It is a good start for me. Later I could catch some longer article. I earned more than 10 euro for 1500 words. I felt okay as I didn't spend so much time on the topic. Of course it depends on the topic very much. But after some weeks, I realised that they don't have so much jobs for average writer. I have to really sit around at my PC, reload my page all the time, hoping that I could catch some nice fishes. That is not so easy. Sometimes they just don't have so many fishes!

Independent Publishing, MediaPiston and iWriter?

As I need to fill up my time during my waiting of textbroker's job, I checked out other sites too. I registered at a site called Independent Publishing. Honestly I don't recommend them. They accept nearly everyone, given that you have a passion to write. Everyone starts at bronze, the lowest level, then to silver and gold. Their jobs are mostly from Groupon at bronze level. I was very surprised that I need to read a whole page to understand their writing rules. One can earn 3,5 euro for 250 words for German writing. After some weeks, I never see any English jobs coming from their English site. And they evaluate writers nearly simply from the comments of the customer. Personally I don't really like it. I also tried MediaPiston. They rejected me. They said my style isn't suitable for their customers. I registered at iWriter too, but I don't like the way of how they present the jobs. And the job descriptions are a bit too general and of course their payment is also not so high.

So now, I start here. I feel good already because I can write whatever I want. Writing is a wonderful therapy to express yourself. If you have your experience to share, I would really like to know.

An update

I have written two articles for Independent Publishing. The first one was good and the client gave me good ratings. So they upgraded me from bronze to gold level. But then they asked me to revise the second one which was the same kind of job like the first one, just with other keywords. The client accepted my first revision very fast, but my level has been changed from gold to bronze level again and I discovered that there are no jobs available for me anymore. When I just registered at the beginning as bronze level, there were a lot of jobs available though. How does it happen?

I tried to apply for Scripted and Textking

And I have applied to Scripted also and they declined my application. When you submitted your sample text, you have to select the category for them to consider. And my sample text has been failed under the category of Business. In fact, I couldn't really decide which category for my text and I just selected one closest. It turned out that it wasn't working.

I also looked for translation works online and found Textking. In order to get any job, you have to fill out their several-pages application form and submitted your sample text in your mother tongue and another foreign language. And you have to input all details in your resume. Honestly, after spending all those effort and time, I'm really unsure if I want to work for fact, I gave up filling in my details already.


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