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XRP......The world is changing

Updated on November 17, 2019
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I am a believer in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as a whole. I personally have researched XRP and have invested in to it.


XRP's use case..

XRP is a digital currency, not unlike Bitcoin (BTC). This has been in development for years, and has recently gained a lot of traction with many institutions. To put it in comparison, XRP is like a Lambo to Bitcoin's Model T. With 3 second transaction speeds, microscopic fees, and security to protect users XRP is on it's way to the top and looking to take over the world of finance. Their current objective is to gain adoption within cross-border payments working with multiple banks and institutions around the world. XRP's liquidity has been built up to facilitate this type of use. WIth names like Temenos, MercuryFX, and SBI in talks with XRP it's only a matter of time.


XRP has had many recent developments to help intergrate into the current systems in place for cross-border payments. The products developed by RippleNet are designed for speed and security, which are Xcurrent, Xvia, and Xrapid. Xrapid being the latest release allows anyone who has integrated RippleNet's software to utilize the XRP token to facilitate the transaction, which in turn significantly reduses cost while increasing speed. This is made possible by multiple cryptocurrency exchanges being used to move XRP anywhere in the world within 3 seconds, all while costing less than $.01.



ODL is the latest release from RippleNet, which has active users, and has launched XRP into the history books as the 1st digital currency with a real world use case. RippleNet's Xcurrent was designed to put banks and institutions onto their software, and this allowed faster transactions and cheaper payments compared to the current cross-border payment giant, Swift. Once a business signs on with Xcurrent, it's very simple for them to be "upgraded" to Xrapid since they run through the same company. The reason why a bank would want to make the switch from Xcurrent would be a savings on average of 40%-70% by using the XRP token. The problem of 3-4 day transactions and heavy fees that is worldwide, can be solved with blockchain technology, and XRP.

XRP and the future

XRP as a cryptocurrency, obviously has speculation surrounding it. However, RippleNet has been working very closely with regulators to make it acceptable to use within banks and cross-borders. The total supply is just shy of 100-Billion, much much more than Bitcoin's 21-Million. This is due in part to the uses that XRP is looking to obtain. Cross-border payments only scratch the surface of what is possible, and the future looks very bright. Currently 1 XRP costs approx. $.26, and with the market they very well may take over, the future price is highly speculated with some predictions reaching triple digits within a few years. Although nobody can predict the future, one thing is certain, XRP is arguably the safest cryptocurrency investment that a person could make, and could possibly be worth a fortune in the near future. (disclaimer: this is not financial advise, I am not a financial advisor. This is solely for information purposes.)

© 2018 Matthew Huck


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