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Yes, You can Predict Your Stock Dividends

Updated on May 6, 2013

Dividend Information

Where do you get most of your stock dividend information?

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Dividends for Widows and Orphans

Plan on getting your money.
Plan on getting your money. | Source

A Dividend Rush

The low interest rate policy of the Federal Reserve has pushed savers out of the bonds and savings accounts into dividend paying stocks. Yes, we know.

Chances are that if you have been investing in the stock market for the last year then you have increased your positions in number and in size.

Dividend investors look at their monthly brokerage statements sometimes to find out monthly or annual dividend amount. While the information is there it can sometimes be hard to locate.

Enter Dividend Predictor


Get a Daily Handle on Your Dividends

For $5.99/year, $3.99/ six months or $.99/month, you can get a wealth of information on your wealth. Just sign up through iTunes. Dividend Predictor is available for iPad / iPhone and now for Google's Android phone through Google Play.

How Does it Work

First of all, you enter the stock or ETF names and the number of shares that you own in that account. When this is done you can go to several screens to see which information that you are looking for.

You can get a month by month breakdown of what stocks are paying how much of a dividend and how much you will actually receive on which date. If it is May, the Dividend Predictor will tell you how much dividend dollars that you will get in December. This will aid greatly in financial decision making involving Christmas cost, taxes etc.

There is even a Summary page that tells you the current market value of your portfolio, the annual income, the yield, and you Average Monthly Income.

Parent Company is MoneyPeeps

From the website: "MoneyPeeps is an investment community and a platform for a new set of tools that allow DIY investors to analyze and model income-producing portfolios as well as general retirement planning portfolios."

How about Mutual Funds

Dividend Predictor's does not currently include mutual fund dividends or capital gains. Mutual funds have a less predictable payout schedule, so I can understand them being excluded

You do not have the ability to enter fractional shares, but this should of little consequence anyway.


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