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You Really Can Make Money on the Internet!!

Updated on April 18, 2010

Making money on the internet really can be achievable!  I have been making money online for over two years now, and there are lots of ways to do this.  I have listed three ways below, but if you are creative enough, and do your research, you will find many other ways to make money as well.  Just make sure you keep it legal!

Survey Sites:

Don't waste your time or money on any survey site that promises you that you will make hundreds of dollars by completing surveys.  Especially if they ask you for money upfront, these sites are most likely scams!  I have completed surveys for the following companies and have received checks in the mail for my time!  Its completely legitimate, and there is ABSOLUTELY no money coming out of your pocket!  Try these survey companies and start getting paid for your opinion! 

  • Survey Spot
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Toluna
  • Lightspeed
  • American Consumer Opinion
  • I-Say
  • Vindale
  • Pinecone Research

Again, never, ever pay to join a survey site!!!  The above survey companies never ask for any money to become a member and you WILL get compensated for your opinion!  It might not make you rich, but it will earn you a nice little extra income!

Freebie Forums:

There are several freebie forums around that will help you earn money with IFW sites.  IFW is short for Incentive Freebie Website. In order to understand how to make money on these sites, you will need to become a member of a freebie forum.  Not only will you find people willing to teach you but you will also find people willing to pay you to be their referral!  Some Freebie Forums are The Freebie Exchange (check out one of my blogs about this great site!), Anything 4 Free, and Jayman's Freebie World. Once you sign up on one of these forums, make sure you read all the rules and policy threads. Then you can find people who are advertising to pay for IFW referrals.  This is the most legitimate way to make big money relatively easy on the internet!!


If you have a gift with words, or you are an expert on any topic, then you can make money by making blogs just like this one!!  If you already have a Hub Page, then you know that you can make money by including AdSense ads on your blog.  However there are many more blogsites where you can make your voice heard and I have listed a few of them below:

  • Hub Pages
  • Word Press
  • Squidoo
  • Blogspot/Blogger
  • Ezine Articles

All of these blogsites are free to join, and you are able to use AsSense ads on your site.  The more blogs you have, the more potential money you can earn!  There are also plenty of blogsites you can pay to join, and you can even buy your own domain and create your own blog, but with the above sites, you don't have any out-of-pocket expenses. 

Well, there you have it. Three ways to make cash for a rainy day by using the World Wide Web!! There are many other ways to make money online, but the three outlined above don't involve money out of your pocket!  Please feel free to comment on this blog, and add any of your own ideas to the mix!!


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    • minx75 profile image

      minx75 9 years ago from North Carolina

      damnit DEE! i'm so proud that you FINALLY wrote a freaking hub! Girl this is right up your alley. i love you. i will try and contact you soon. I PROMISE!!

    • koncling profile image

      koncling 9 years ago from Nice Winding Room

      very interesting....

      by the way i join internet marketing for 4 years and i get nothing....he he he