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You can make money with Bubblews

Updated on August 28, 2014
Click to take a look at how your page will look
Click to take a look at how your page will look | Source

What is Bubblews and how does it compare?

Bubblews is another writing site with a difference. You are able to write about almost anything even just personal thoughts that might pop into your head. For me it makes things easier and I really enjoy writing about interesting things that happen to me as well as reviews and sharing my photos and travel. Other people like to share recipes and even jokes, poems they have written and even short fiction. Bubblews doesn't seem as fussy about what you write about as long as you don't spam, harrass or post affiliate links which is fair enough.

You might think this sounds great and I think it is but this is what you are also going to find. The minimum word count is 400 so you will find short articles. This also leaves the site open to several poorly written and uninformative articles as well which the site doesn't seem to have too much of a problem with. Not everyone is a pro writer, not even myself so I think it's more of a site to journal and socialise with others that you have common interests with. The site is also open to spammers trying to cheat the system since it's quite easy to earn but spam isn't tolerated so anyone breaking the rules are banned immediately.
The staff are also a friendly bunch and work hard at making new updates and features to their site and keeping us all informed about what is to come next.

Compare this site with Hubpages and you will find that although they are both writing sites they are quite different. I like Hubpages for it's informative posts and to learn new things. I find that the information being provided here is more trustworthy. You will find well written articles and rarely will you see spam in them.

How do you make money on Bubblews?

Bubblews allows you to earn money through views, likes and comments made to your articles. You will earn 1 cent for each unique view and for each like and comment that is made. In order to earn even more you can share your articles to bring in more traffic.

The best way to keep earning however is to stay active in the community. You must find good solid connections that make good articles and are active. You need to spend time commenting and liking other peoples articles. A downside to Bubblews is that older articles don't seem to stay active for very long compared to Hubpages so you need to wirte new content daily to keep making money. If you love writing about anything and everything though you will not have a problem earning.

My earnings so far since writing this hub
My earnings so far since writing this hub

How do I get paid?

Payments can be requested once you reach $50 and is then sent to your Paypal account. This is the same as Hubpages so they are both equal here. Payments may also take a bit of time to process since they will check to make sure no ToS have been broken.

I know some people who are redeeming on a weekly basis or even sooner. These are people that are expremely active and are making 6-10 posts a day as well as commenting and liking others articles as well. I'm not sure about the time spent doing this I think everyone is different.

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Some final tips

If you have decided to join here are some tips.

- If you are in a good writing mood you can make several articles and save them as drafts. That way you can come back and post them anytime.

- If you are having trouble finding some good writers it's best to look at the comments left. I have found a lot of good people this way just by going on how and what they write in response.

- Don't make your articles super long. I find people on there prefer reading shorter posts than long ones.

- Once you have made some connections work out the best times to make a post. Sometimes your post can be hit or miss depending on timing.

- Most important tip, have fun whilst making some new friends :)


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