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Your Home Insurance: The Money Saving Expert

Updated on November 27, 2013

Your Home Insurance: The Money Saving Expert

SAVE MONEY ON YOUR HOME INSURANCE! This free website includes time-tested tips to help you save money and make the right choices on selecting home insurance and saving money on it. If you want to save money on a home insurance, you’ve come to the right place!

Your Home Insurance: The Money Saving Expert

  • Always comparison shop utilizing the Internet. Start with a site like Best Insurers.

  • Raise your deductible. Since insurance companies like to raise your premiums when you make a claim, you probably won’t want to make a claim unless your loss is significant. Consequently, you might as well have a high deductible. If you increase your deductible from $250 to $500 dollars, you’ll probably save about %12 on your premiums. Raising it to $1,000 jumps your saving up to about 25%, and higher deductibles save even more.
  • Buy all your insurance from the same company. Many companies offer discounts when you do so.
  • Land doesn’t burn, so don’t insure it. Many companies try to insure you for the entire replacement cost of your home, including the land. If your home burns, you can rebuild on the same land. Insist on insuring your home and all other structures or items that can burn, but opt out of insuring your land.
  • Don’t smoke. Insurance companies often charge more when you do smoke.
  • Make electronic payments or sign up for autodraft. Many companies give discounts when you do so. Even if they don’t, you’ll be less likely to incur late penalties.
  • Make sure your credit rating is good or that it is at least accurate. As unfair as it might seem, insurance companies often charge you more for insurance if your credit is poor. To get a free credit report, go to
  • Consider what is called replacement-cost coverage. Cash-value coverage reimburses you for the initial cost of your property, minus the deductible. If your couch is worth $100, for example, that's what you'd get to buy a replacement. Replacement-cost coverage will reimburse the full amount of the current value of your personal possessions.
  • Think before you buy.  The age of a home is one large determining factor you must consider before purchase.  An older home will often incur greater repair costs and larger insurance premiums. 

Your Home Insurance

Save Money on Home Insurance


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