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#%$@ Morals, Get Your Money!

Updated on April 28, 2015

The idea of doing business is to make as much profit as possible with the least amount of risk. There is no mention of ethics. As I wrote in a previous piece, here in Toronto we have a one hour news-business sort of television program “The Lang & O’Learry Exchange) every day, where one of the hosts (a successful venture capitalist, Kevin O’Learry) tells the audience that: “Money is all that matters.” And “Greed is good.”

“Don’t trust nobody,

‘cause when you turn your back

They puttin’ a hole in your body

And you start leakin’,

You ain’t breathin’ …” B-Real, “Snake Eyes”

Popular culture portrays the idea that money is good and that there are many people out there who want to harm us. That has had quite an effect on people I think; which continues to change and grow. The fear of the unknown, reinforced by a lack of education, added on top of the belief that everyone should aspire to have as much money as possible because that is what creates happiness, has gotten us to shed our morals and try to horde wealth by any means.

I read an article in the Rolling Stone Magazine which focused on two twenty year old guys out of Florida (I think), who were complete stoners yet, they managed to be selling armament to the Pentagon ( All shady business but who cares? Money is money, it does not care whose hand it’s in and most people do not care from whose hand it comes from. That is the way our societies have been set-up: the Market has a bad day – we have a bad day. If the Market fluctuates, so does our heart-beat.

Not many people seem to want to make much of a change in this system of beliefs. Who cares about justice? I can commit any crime I want if I have enough money to swarm a court-room with the best lawyers in the world. “Anything is possible, it just costs more”, I am not sure where I heard that but I do believe it applies to the world we live in.

Therefore, cash-in quick (like all the bankers did with-in the last year) because there isn’t much left. We do live in quite a lawless world. We pretend we are civilized yet, we often close our eyes or turn our head away in the face of injustice and inhumanity. We must truly be enjoying the irresponsible manner in which we live our lives. I might still get that Lamborghini …


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    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Cheers Mr. Civil War Bob! Your comment brought me a smile this morning. Many thanks and have a great day!

    • Civil War Bob profile image

      Civil War Bob 

      9 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

      Interesting hub, Mr. H...voted up, funny (for the last line), and interesting. You nailed it with "we must enjoy the irresponsible manner" line! Pat the wolf and enjoy your day!

    • thelyricwriter profile image

      Richard Ricky Hale 

      9 years ago from West Virginia

      Perfectly said. This is why you have to make your own path in life. You can't trust anyone or depend on anyone. Do it yourself if you want it done.

    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I was not talking about the spiritual world here lol

      My "attack" indeed has nothing to do with the Spirit World. I agree. Do you enjoy no folly Mr. Spirit Whisperer?

    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 

      9 years ago from Oakland, California

      @Mr.Happy. Life will find a way!

    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 

      9 years ago from Oakland, California

      The sad thing about the atrocious profits big companies make is the cost it bears on society and mostly the environment. It was sad to watch the documentary about the nigerian oil companies who give nothing back to the community and destroy the environment.

      Good hub Sir.

    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "The stage is set for a new way based on human values that can no longer be ignored." - That is correct.

      "Love will conquer all it just sometimes takes a while!" I'm waiting ... lol

      Thank you for dropping by and commenting Mr. Spirit Whisperer.

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 

      9 years ago from Isle of Man

      Over here we have the impression that Americans are particularly materialistic and we get that image from the media. I think the world in general is going through a dramatic change because subconsciously people are aware of the insanity of giving so much importance to money and status. A whole generation of children have been neglected by parents who chose to support the idea that work is more important than family. The stage is set for a new way based on human values that can no longer be ignored. Love will conquer all it just sometimes takes a while! Best wishes to you my friend and thank you for writing this hub.

    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      10 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      People chase profit too much I think. If we all did what we truly loved doing, I think our societies might work better but in truth we do not follow our passions and love - we tend to follow the money trail ...

      Thank you for commenting Mentalist acer

      Mrs. Kathryn, nobody better than Mr. Happy can say that money doesn't bring happiness. I should know. All the best!

    • kathryn1000 profile image


      10 years ago from London

      Money is the King,but it doesn't always make you happy.A fairer society would make me happy!

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 

      10 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      It seems,true,that there seems to be a trend to make money in scheme rather than providing product or function...we do have a right to rebell against this behavior even though I'm pro-buisiness to a degree.;)

    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      10 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Thank you for your comment Mrs. Kathryn. Some say we have gone too far while others say we haven't gone far enough - soon we will be back to tribalism, we can't agree on much as countries. Cheers!

    • kathryn1000 profile image


      10 years ago from London

      Individualism has gone too far.The idea of totally free competion is not sensible and the most powerful always win.A lot of this is due to stupid economic theories.I must admit the world situation has made me get quite depressed lately.All we can do is to draw attention to it,fight it and live the most creative and kind life possible to us,And despise those values.

    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      10 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Of course being moral is better and it is the right thing to do Mr./Mrs. Zzron. I am just saying that there is no morality left; everyone does whatever they want. For the most part, we're just pretending to have morals.

      Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your time.

    • zzron profile image


      10 years ago from Houston, TX.

      Cool hub but I have to disagree. Being moral is better and is just the right thing to do. It's better to be a part of the solution than part of the problem. Too much greed is not good but a healthy amount is normal and excepted.

      The proper term is "Following your heart's desire".You have to stop and think, do I want others to treat me with such disregard and lack of morals when they are dealing with me and my money? The Golden Rule is always the best way to go. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      10 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Free ... what a joke of a life this is, if this is freedom: living from paycheck to paycheck ... even then, getting evicted; no food for billions while a few hundred people in this world have the billions.

      Indeed some are free because the rest of us slave for them. Thank you for commenting Mr. Wesman. All the best to you Amigo!

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      10 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      You nailed it. It's a lawless world, and freedom is not free, you have to be very rich to enjoy it.

    • Mr. Happy profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr. Happy 

      10 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      lol Mr. Diogenes, so I guess you're not of the belief that if you can't beat them you should join them? Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

      Mr./Mrs. LeisureLife, thanks for commenting!

      Mrs. Lynda, good morning! Your comment about corporations having no responsabilities made me think of what my lawyer told me when I was doing the paper-work to open-up a business: "Incorporate it, why not? If there are any problems down the line, your name stays clean." - Now that's an advice! Basically, I can be a dirt-bag and my corporation can take the blame ...

      This is the world that has been handed down to me. I'm just having fun with it ...

      Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment. All the best!

    • lmmartin profile image


      10 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      In most charters of incorporation there is one and only one directive: highest possible profits and highest possible returns to shareholders. Beyond that anything goes. You can make more money by shutting down your plant in Gopher Gulch, Saskatchewan and producing your product in a shadow factory in China, paying workers $130 month and housing them twelve to a room? Do it! Never mind Gopher Gulch has worked for your company for fifty years and the entire town revolves around your industry. Forget the fact the town will die when you go. Ignore the tax cuts, the workers' education funds, the energy subsidies the government gave you each year you were in business. You don't owe the country anything, not in this global world. Corporates may have the same rights as persons (US Supreme Court Ruling) but apparently damn few of the responsibilities.

      *&%# ethics? The were *&%#ed centuries ago. Nothing new. Lynda

    • LeisureLife profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      good read, thanks!

    • diogenes profile image


      10 years ago from UK and Mexico

      The crap goes on down the pipe, but we don't need to jump in with it. I am just up to here with corporate greed and the mindless muck that heads it up...Bob


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