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Its All About The Money

Updated on June 29, 2014

Its all about the money, Most of us want more but without the extra work. But first of all, if your are looking to make a million than you won't find the answers here.

The systems I mention below are designed for the average internet user to help them earn some extra cash at home. Once you are up and running the work load to keep the money coming in is very little indeed. As each person is different some might only use one of the systems I mention. But I would recommend that you use more than one as this will stop you getting bored to fast. Plus sometimes you just got to wait because the search engines need time to find the items your are selling our promoting.

Lets get started as I am aware most people only want the bare facts than go and try out these for them self's.

First up on the list is Hubpages


This is a website that costs nothing to join and can only make you money. But you must like to write other wise you are wasting your time. How it works is quite simple really. Just open your free account and start writing articles about almost anything. They must be your own articles and not copied from another website. This article you are reading now is published on Hubpages.

How much you can earn that all depends on you. The more articles you write the more money you can make. But also remember once you publish your article it can still make you money even a few years down the line.

Tip 1 : The more articles you write and publish means the more ads you show which in turn means more money earned by you. So if you use Facebook & twitter or any other social media network make sure you let people know you have published hubs and try and get them to view them. So in other word the more people you can get to view your articles means the more money you make.

Tip 2 : One user had an old book of recipes all they done was rewrite them in their own words and they are still making money from them today.

Tip 3 : Make sure you promote your hubs with social media like Facebook & twitter or other systems

Pros of this system : Once you like to write everything is good about this system.

Cons of this system : Can take a while before you start to see some earnings. But a lot depends on how good you are at writing.

Starting Point : You can open a Hubpage acccount here >> NewAccount101


This is not a money making system. But it is a good place to go if you are looking for work online. It is free to join and you can find work for all types of different things.

Tip 1 : If you start on Elance don't under sell yourself. Use this as a place to earn some extra cash for you, and don't go doing work for next to nothing. Plus don't panic if you don't get the first few jobs that you apply for. They will come some times it just takes a little time.

Pros of this system : Opens doorways to thousands of online jobs.

Cons of this system : Can take time to get your first few jobs.


Now this site is fun and easy to use. What you do is just ask & answer questions on just about anything. The more questions you answer and get awarded the more money you earn. It is free to join and well worth giving it a go. Plus this site is also good if you are looking for information. Just ask your question and watch the answers come in.

Tip : Just have some fun while making some money

Pros of this system : Can be a fun site to use while you earn some money.

Cons of this system : You can only earn money with a Google adsence account

Affiliate Systems

These systems are around a long time and are easy to set up.

How they work is you join a affiliate system like Amazon than just place links to products that you want to promote . You will need a website of some sorts to place these links. But if you know nothing about websites and how to promote them you might do better to stay away from this type of system. How you earn money is when someone clicks on one of the links and buys a product you get a percentage of the total price. How much money you earn depends on how good you are at promoting the site were you have the affiliate links.

Some people build huge sites and have loads of affiliate links on it. Once it is set up the whole thing is fully automated and all you have to do is promote your site and collect your money.

Tip 1 : Search the web to find which are the top selling products than try and promote them locally using free add sites

Tip 2 : Use a free website provider to start your website and place your links than if you are making money from this. Than maybe it is time to try and go bigger.

Pros of this system : Fully automated once set up

Cons of this system : You will need a website and Commission can be low on some products plus very few return customers because people are linked to another site to buy the products and will more than likely return to that site to buy another product. But if you can set up websites it is well worth your while to do one of these sites

Starting Point : If you are looking for a good starting point here. This is an easy site to get started with. Free to join and you don't need a website to place the link. It will work on twitter & Facebook plus other social media sites. Simply copy your affiliate link and past it were ever you want. >>>> They sell Martial Art gear

Drop Shipping

This is getting very popular with a lot of companies and is getting very easy to use for the average internet user. How it works is you find a company that sells products that you think you will be able to sell. Once you make a sale and receive your payment you than order the product from the drop shipping company that you selected. They than send the item to your customer. So in short you can build a whole website shop full of products and have full control over all the prices and what you earn. But you never have to worry about stocking products or have the trouble of delivery's. The only work load you will have, is you must order each product from your drop shipping company.

People use this system a lot on ebay to sell products plus on other websites that let you sell items. The more experienced internet user will build his own website and sell the products there. Which will allow them to earn 30% to 60% profit on some items.

Tip 1 : Before you start do some research on the drop shipping company you select. Plus buy a product yourself and have it delivered to a friend. Just to make sure everything works fine.

Tip 2 : A good place to start, is to sell a product locally on Gumtree or a similar site.

Tip 3 : When you search the internet you will find sites which charge for drop shipping accounts. Your best option is search the boards and discussion sites you will find all the info you need free of charge.

Pros of this system : Good earnings up to 60% on some items Plus high percentage of return customers. Also you don't need a website to sell these items. Some people use eBay and other selling sites.

Cons of this system : Not fully automated and you must order every item from your drop shipper

What to watch out for : If you are searching the internet for money making ideas watch out for the sites which are trying to sell you a system or a book on how to get rich. More than likely if you got to pay for the system you won't make money but the person you paid will and this is just his system for making money.

So just think sensible if you made millions would you bother going to the trouble of building a one page website to tell people how to make a million and charge them 20 quid or more for the information.

If you are going to buy something, look for a guide to give you some ideas. Sometimes it can be quicker to buy a short guide rather than spend hours searching the net for information

Now were do you start

Basic web User : First if you know nothing about creating websites or taking online payments. Than your best option is start with Hubpages. Open your account write some hubs. Don't worry if it seems a bit confusing at the start. After a few weeks you will see it is quite easy to use.

Average web user : If you have some knowledge in creating websites and taking payments online than start with a drop shipping site plus also build an affiliate site. You will find a good return in a short amount of time.

Conclusion : I know I have only mentioned a small few system's here, and only gave a brief description of what they do. So if anyone wants to add more information good or bad just leave it in the comments below.

User Friendly
Average to High
Can be high
Need Adsence account
Low to Average
Affiliate Systems
Need website knowhow
Can be very High If you promote your links good
Very easy (sell from anywhere)
Can be high but also bigger workload


This is one I tried, than I read about it. So for me I don't know.

I never got money from it, but some people claim they have. If you search the web there seems to be more bad news than good coming out about it.

To me the maths don't seem to add up because if you look at the amount of money they say they will give you. Than do the maths it just don't seem to work out, they must be getting amazing price's for the adds that are displayed.

But by all means give it a try as it won't cost you any money.

This is what they say about themselves

The Bubblews community enables users to enjoy our community (without a cost) and share in the ad revenue growth. In fact our revenue model is simple: We split the ad revenue we make off each post with the author 50/50. You will get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media share that your posts gather. Write Your World. Speak Freely. Join the movement.

If you have tried Bubblews than let us know what yo think.

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    • profile image

      Martin Weeks 

      4 years ago

      Lot's of great ideas, guess I'll be busy this weekend again. (lol!)


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      great stuff

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great info I will give them a try as it will cost me nothing

    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 

      6 years ago

      Some very useful info you have detailed in this hub, I'd also like to add that online earnings is not a get rich quick scheme and will require persistence and hard work.

      Quite a lot of newcomers to online earnings tend to give up before the get started properly.

      Thank you for sharing


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