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I have discovered fraud committed by workers comp.. In 2008 an accounting report,(as an...

example), same check#, date,2/28/07, payee check was $8.81. Now in 2009 another accounting report same check#, date2/28/07, same payee is now $121,652.25. The amount of the checks have been changed. This is just one in a hundreds checks that the amounts are changed. The approx. total is $14,000,000.00. It was for the same time period 2003 to 2009.In 2008 report the payee was paid approxi.$6,000.00, now those same check numbers total $13,652,011.27. And thats not all of the checks, in all the totals approx. $14,000,000.00. I am taking S.C.I.F. to civil court. I am looking for an attorney to hel


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