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Domestic partners' individual bankruptcies in FLA, and includes 2nd mortgage lien strip

Our bankruptcy atty has not responded: My life partner & I each filed in FLA this year--Chap7 for her (now discharged) and Chap13 for me(60 months). House is upsidedown. We both co-signed 1st & 2nd mortgage.1st is paid thru Chap13 Court with 0% repay to unsecured creditors. Lien strip for 2nd was filed. Our atty. says 2nd mortgagor CAN'T collect from me after Chap13 discharge, but CAN collect from my partner since it is unsecured debt to her &Chap 7 didn't allow for discharge. We checked partner's credit report; 2nd mtg shows "Chap7/Discharged"--can 2nd mortgagor still try & collect from her?


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