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Scholarships and Grants for Women Going Back to School

Updated on February 25, 2010
Graduate School Scholarships For Women
Graduate School Scholarships For Women

Scholarships for Single Parents - Tips To Find Funding

Scholarships for mothers are a great way to encourage more women back into education. If you are already balancing life between work and your family, it doesn't mean you can't also consider improving your education.

Perhaps you want to finish that degree you started. You might already have a good job, but you're held back from progressing because of your education. Some moms just want to have a change in life and start a new challenge. These are all good reasons to start looking for sources of scholarships and grants for women.

It may surprise you to find that funding and scholarships for women is not as difficult as it may seem. The key is knowing where to look. Single moms, and women from minority backgrounds have lots of ways to look for funding opportunities.

Colleges like to demonstrate that a good percentage of their students are female. For instance, many masters degrees programs run special scholarships in order to attract the most suitable candidates.

Degree programs in traditionally male-oriented fields like mathematics and engineering are always looking to attract women to their degree programs. Many colleges recognise this imbalance and in order to persuade students to sign up tho their course, they offer a full scholarship.

Several colleges have their own scholarship programs that you can apply to directly. In order to increase your chances of success, it's vital that you apply to a wide variety of colleges and contact them directly about their scholarship programs.

You have to look around for scholarship opportunities. It's not just colleges and universities that offer funding, there are many other national and regional organizations to consider. Nationwide organisations can be found that offer a range of scholarships, however don't forget about sources closer to home. Local business, charities and private trusts in you area can often be a neglected source of funding for educational needs. 

Wealthy individuals often leave money in their will or as part of a trust fund. These are valuable sources of information for women and single mothers looking for scholarships getting back into education. There are countless opportunities for finding scholarships this way, so the only route to success is by asking around and doing careful local research. You'll be surprised when you find out exactly what's available in your local community when it come to financial aid for getting back into education.

There are many sources of grants and scholarships specifically for women and mothers in particular can receive lots of help if your trying to get back into education. 

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