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Compare checking accounts online

Updated on April 21, 2011

Compare types of checking and what you can do

You need to compare checking accounts in order to find the appropriate one to put your money into, that has all of the features you're looking for and will almost perfectly suit your personal finance requirements. Right?

Below, I've put up information about several banks and each of the bank's checking account options. As time permits, I'll add even more banks and checking account information that will help us to compare checking accounts.

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Citigroup Center - Public Domain Image by Trxr4dks.
Citigroup Center - Public Domain Image by Trxr4dks.

Citigroup / Citibank

Based out of New York, New York, Citigroup's banking division, Citibank, has various checking account options. Navigate to to compare accounts and read the notes below to see which option may be right for you.


Opening Deposits

  • There is a $100 Minimum opening deposit with EZ-Checking and The Citibank Account.
  • You'll need an initial deposit at least $500 to open a Citigold account.
  • There is no minimum deposit to open a Basic Checking account with Citibank.

Monthly Fees

  • Three of Citibank's checking accounts can avoid monthly fees, as long as you have a "combined average balance" ($1,500 to $250,000). There are several Citibank products that can help you to meet the "combined average balance", including: Checking & Savings, Lines & Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgage, Retirement and/or Citi Personal Wealth Management Investments.
  • Citibank's Basic Checking account has a "fixed monthly fee that varies by state".
  • Monthly fees can be as high as $25 per month with a Citigold checking account.
  • All Citibank checking accounts include free online banking, online bill payment, rel-time transfers, inter institution transfers, Citibank Global transfers, e-mail & wireless alerts, online bank statements & check images.
Citibank offers a few other incentives/perks for checking accounts. Visit to find out more information.

Bank of America Corporate Center - Public Domain Image by Fife Club
Bank of America Corporate Center - Public Domain Image by Fife Club

Bank of America Corporation

Bank of America, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, has three types of checking that may be of interest to you. Visit to find out more information. You also might consider taking a look at my notes on Bank of America checking accounts.


Opening Deposits

  • Two of Bank of America's checking accounts require an opening deposit of $25, while the other type of account requires you to open with a $100 deposit.
Monthly Fees

  • With two of Bank of America's checking accounts, MyAccess and CampusEdge, you will not incur monthly fees.
  • The third type of account, Advantage with Tiered Interest Checking, you will incur a $25 monthly maintenance fee if you do not have an average daily balance of at least $10,000 in at least one of your checking, savings and/or CD accounts. There are other ways to avoid monthly fees, including a set amount with your installment loan or line of credit, a Bank of America first mortgage, or a set amount of assets in select brokerage accounts.


  • Trade stocks online for as little as $7 per trade. (edit: I originally typed "socks" in stead of "stocks". Thanks for finding the humor in that Dame Scribe! :) ...)
  • $0 balance requirement

JP Morgan Chase Headquarters - Creative Commons Image by Author (Wikipedia)
JP Morgan Chase Headquarters - Creative Commons Image by Author (Wikipedia)

J. P. Morgan Chase & Company

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, J.P. Morgan Chase & Company has several different types of checking accounts.


Opening Deposits

  • Depending on the type of account, you will need to have from $25 - $5,000 set aside to open your account with J. P. Morgan Chase & Company

Monthly Fees

  • Can range from $0, with direct deposit, to $25 if you don't maintain $75,000 or more in your various accounts.


  • Free online banking and bill payment, account alerts, online and telephone access to checking accounts, 15,000 Chase ATMs, liability protection, mobile banking.

U.S. Bank Tower - Creative Commons Image by David Shankbone.
U.S. Bank Tower - Creative Commons Image by David Shankbone.

U.S. Bancorp / U.S. Bank

Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Bancorp could be the right choice for those of us that need customizable checking accounts, overdraft protection and even checking account advances!


Opening Deposits

  • Most available checking accounts with U.S. Bancorp require an opening deposit of at least $50. Student Checking, however, requires a $25 minimum opening deposit.

Monthly Fees

  • From $0 to $20, depending upon the type of checking account and if balances are maintained.


  • Free check cards, bill pay and internet banking, online statements, US Bank ATM transactions and mobile banking.

I, and please do the same for me, wish you the best with your checking account comparison(s). May you (and I) find the perfect checking account for our need(s).

The information that I've put on this page is believed, at least by me, to be accurate. However, because I am human, it may contain errors. If you have found any information to be inaccurate, please let me know, so that I may correct it for future users.



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