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Cutting Down on Every Day Expenses in home and buisness..

Updated on October 19, 2009

There are many ways to cut down on living expenses. The first way to save money is keep your thermostat at 70 to 72 degrees degree's both in the winter and in summer. If you keep turning your thermostat up and down to your comfort level it can make your energy bill go higher and higher each month and will cost you more money.

My electric bill went from $165.00 a month to $85.00 a month. This includes turning your air or heat off completely while you're not home then turning it on when you get home, this uses more energy and will cost you more than setting your thermostat at 70 to 72 degrees and keeping your thermostat on all of the time.

Put plastic on your windows and leave it up all year round. the darker your home or office is in summer time the cooler your house will be, with plastic on the windows, it will help keep the heating and cooling in the house and non can leak out through window crevices, it also keeps the heat of the sun out as well. yes you will need to see, get a small lamp in your office, put in energy saving bulbs in the lamp and you wont use that much energy at all to make your electric bill go up

The second way to save money is on foods and munchies. You can save a bunch of money when you buy these items and cookies and such at the dollar tree or any dollar store were items are only one dollar. This includes hair products, shampoos, bath supplies, even little presents and gift wrapping. Why pay more when you do not have to.

The dollar store has a lot of items that are cheaper than in the regular stores and can save you a ton of money, such as my favorite shampoo Alberto V05 I get for $1.00 instead of paying 3, 4, even 5 dollars in the store, munchies, you pay $3.89 or more in the store. Me, I only pay $1.00 and the munchies are fresh, same with cookies, pudding, dog food, olives etc. can you see how much you save? It all adds up in the long run and doesn't take a bite out of your budget. Also go to Aldies which is a great store for fresh fruits and stuff and again bring lots of coupons to save you money.

The third way is to easily make different outfits with the cloths you have to make a fresh look or even have a different outfit, this saves money on buying cloths all of the time when you're sick of the old ones spruce it up. Example, spruce up a blouse with a fancy scarf, put chains on a pair of boots if you wear boots, even make a wrap out of material, a latch, and beads to fasten to your boots, hats etc a different look for different occasions.

Instead of going to the store and purchasing a new outfit all of the time, try going through your closet and take a shirt from one outfit and putting it with another outfit, and a jacket to go with this. Now you have a new outfit.

Clip coupons and put them up, look for coupons that do not have expiration dates on them, you can save a ton of money on your grocery bill if you do this weekly. Watch your money carefully and plan ahead. By this I mean if you budget your money weekly or bi weekly you can save a ton of money. Here's what I do. Since I write, and own two businesses, I set aside a certain amount for each business. I then set aside and plan of how much during the week I want to spend on living expenses and paying bills,

I then also set aside a certain amount of money to put into the bank, savings account and I do not touch the savings account. With my writing money I put directly into the bank for this is money yes earned but also an extra income that I would normally not have. Same goes for refunds that I get or money rewards that I get from AT&T or overpayment to insurance etc. I put this aside and put it in the bank instead of spend it.

Catching sales on food, clothing, gas, etc I also save a ton of money and economize my budget. I live on only a certain amount per week, or month and any extra money I put in the bank for a rainy day. You can even get free food when you go online and look for food samples or free stuff, or coupons for free stuff. I do this all of the time and it also cuts down on my budget as well. I love free and free stuff is good, just because its free doesn’t mean its bad stuff, most companies want to promote new products for you to try. This is why they give out free stuff, I've even gotten free books, four of them from a publisher because they wanted my opinion on those books and I am an avid reader.

So those books that originally cost $25.00 each in the stores or online, I got free savings $100.00 and I didn't even have to send money for shipping the company shipped them free of charge. So go online find free stuff or samples. Boy you will see all of the freebies from diapers to skin care to makeup to food etc.

If you own a small business, cut back, if your printing stuff out that you do not need to send anyone, double side your paperwork to save on cost of paper, don't run lights through out your office that aren’t being used or in your home that aren't being used, if there are items that are not of importance, don't buy them or cut back. Example I have a business as stated earlier. I use load bards at times (I am a freight Broker), instead of having five or six load boards I only use two and then free ones, these load boards are $30.00+ a month, I also leave my computer on at all times, this saves electricity and wear and tear on your computer turning it on and off all of the time.

Shred paperwork also and if you have a fireplace or burner shoot burn this in the winter time after you accumulate in the summer time and winter time. This not only saves on electric and hating bills but is also helping lower your utility bill and saving the land.

Do not run to get this and that all of the time, make it a once a week trip. make a list of everything you either need in your personal life and your business and run all of your errands in one day, grocery store, post office, office supplies etc, also check your local dollar tree for supplies sometimes they have legal paper for $1.00 stock up, pencils and folders etc in one place.

You do not need to buy the most expensive in order to run a business. My business expenses a month are less than $555.00 a month, if I can keep business expenses down so can you, Dollar tree also have cheap cleaning supplies that are great for cleaning your office and house. t paper and all sorts of stuff you can use for both your house and office and each item is only $1.00. Normally when I go, I stock up, I only pay anywhere from $30.00 to $68.00 each trip when I stock up. Think of other ways of cutting back to save money and make a list and follow that list closely and we all will make it in this economy.

When your purchasing a car, finagle on the price most dealerships will take 10% off the purchase price. You do not have to pay the list price if you know how to negotiate with the dealership and you must stand your ground for they love playing tricks to give you something they can not sell or do not want. Watch them people very closely.

When I went to a dealership for the first time in my life to buy a 2008 Chevy pickup, they tried to tell me that I didn’t have credit or much credit which I did. I purchased a $72,000.00 homes years ago and had a $110,000.00 big rig in my yard, they treated me like dirt, then they said I was only wroth $3,000.00 and had no credit,

I had already brought my credit report I pulled off the internet and pitched a fit about this and threatened to walk out, they then put me in my 2008 Chevy Silverado which I fell in love with, I went back to seal the deal at the dealership, and they tried to put me into a 2008 silver colored ram, again I pitched a fit and almost walked out, I told them I wanted the red Silverado and if they can not put me into this Silverado I will go elsewhere. The sales man told me to compromise and kept all through this deal kept telling me to compromise, so top lung, I said I have compromised, I originally wanted a new 2009 avalanche and settled for a 2008 red Chevy Silverado, I wanted dark seats not light colored seats, I wanted this and that and had to settle for less I am not settling for less by purchasing that silver ram which is ugly. If they couldn’t put me into the red Silverado I was outta there. I got the red Silverado.

When I get my rescue ranch I will purchase some more vehicles and told them I will have my truck paid off in six months and will be purchasing a new avalanche and more trucks if they treat me right, I didn’t haggle over the price but tried for them to put free stuff on it and they didn’t budge so guess what next time I go and get another truck, I will not only have cash in hand for more leverage but this company is not going to get my business any longer.

What should have taken 3 and a half hours took me three days and then I had to pay for the running boards, I have to get a trailer harness for they didn’t put this on it etc myself. When I called the owner she lied to me and told me she would call me back. she never did so I do not do business this way the name of the company you may ask is Cronic Chevrolet in Griffen Ga. They have lost all of my business thus will save me more money in the long run in later years since they all treated me like I was scum, degraded me and my intelligence and told me stuff just to pacify me and lied to me on top of this. I do not do business this way. I was not that important to them in today’s economy.

All of the savings I am talking about does eventually add up to where I am able to put my change in the bank and hide it for my wild spending sprees at times or to just save. Every little bit helps now days and every penny a person can save will bring them to the things they really want in life including a big bank account.

As they say a penny saved is a penny earned and I am good at saving my pennies and putting them were they belong, in the bank.
Being smart with your money will get you further ahead than if you're frivolous.


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    • wyoming wonder profile image

      Debby Richardson 4 years ago from Georgia

      I love to give people hints as to how to save money, i practice this in my every day life to make the dollar stretch a little bit. makes my life easier also.

    • sandwichmom profile image

      sandwichmom 8 years ago from Arkansas

      good ideas- and who does not want to save a little?

      This time of year makes saving a little easier- temperatures are mild.