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Being Frugal With Coupons and Codes, Cheap Stuff, Savings and Great Deals

Updated on August 1, 2015

How To Save Lots Of Money and Find Great Deals

With the cost of everything seeming to rise more and more, its become a necessary for people to be frugal with what money they do make. There are a ton of resources online to help in saving a lot of money by using coupon codes, printing coupons, alerts to great deals and cheap sales.

The other place you can find great sales and coupons is your Sunday newspaper. The first Sunday of every month Proctor and Gamble issues coupons for their company. You'll find Pampers, Luvs, and Huggies diaper coupons, wipes, razors, Tide laundry soap, Dawn liquid dish washing soap, and many other !

Another great tool to get a lot of coupons that most people don't know about is going to EBay, you can purchase bundles of coupons starting at just a couple dollars. Just type in coupon bundles and you'll see the many options available.

Put More Money Back Into Your Bank

Facebook Resources For Coupon Codes and Great Deals

A lot of people seem surprised when I tell them Facebook is a good resource for finding coupon codes and great deals, but it is one of the best resources I have found ! The way to find them is simply put in a search at the top of your Facebook page for coupons, saving money, great deals, or coupon codes.

You get the gist. After you do this you will get a list of TONS of groups you can be added to and the deals and codes will show up right on your wall. What's great about this way is if you don't like one of the groups or don't find it relevant to what you need, you just remove yourself.

Clipping Coupons

Facebook Groups That Have Great Deals

Here are some of Facebook groups that I am part of that have really good deals almost on a daily basis. Pinching Your Pennies, Mama Cheaps, Shop at Home, Coupon Divas, just to name a few. There are literally hundreds of groups just search through and find the ones that are most prevalent to you and your circumstance.

Put More Money Back In Your Pocket Book

Online Coupons to Print Out

 Another way to save literally hundreds of dollars is by finding online coupons to print out. These can be used at grocery stores as well as many retail stores. Just do a search on any search engine.


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