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Updated on March 22, 2017


It refers to any involvement in income generating opportunities through buying and selling of goods and services.

Consider the following
1.Think of any appropriate opportunity
2.Carefully choose your targets i.e the indented market
3Consider the capital
4.availability of sources of commodities
5.types of goods to be sold
6.Choose the appropriate name of the business
7.Business relation to the government
8.How you relate with people
9.Savings. Save where you can access loan
10.Alternative sources of capital
11. Availability of space
12. Advertisement

-We all have equal opportunities to start and manage business. Business is a key role to any economic development. Never lose hope, use any available opportunity to make yourself fit into the current world.
The above factors will help you to start and manage business.


1.Why do you want to start the business?
This is the first thing you have to ask yourself. Don't start a business without having this question in mind. Business is what many of us dream and plan to achieve.
Different people start business with different reasons and this will help you prosper. Never think of starting a business because someone is doing.

2Think of any appropriate business opportunity
Business opportunities are here with us and these are the key roles on what type of business one wants to start.
Remember, opportunities comes ones and goes. So try to compare which business can reach your target market. If your target is under 12 , ensure that you choose a business that meets their interests. This will help you reach your customers hence increasing the sales. Never choose a business which can or may interfere with people's culture.

Means all what will help you start or expand your business , it can be either in monetary form or items. Never get discouraged because of the little capital you have. Successful businesses starts with as little as what you have . Ensure that you choose a product that you can afford.
you can get sources of capital through many means such as loans and borrowing from fiends.

4.Source of commodities
Choose the commodities that you can easily access without much spending on transport.In this section you have to compare the cost of transport and the amount of profit you will get from that commodity.

5.types of goods or services to provide
Consider the customer's interests , basing on their culture , religion,taste and preferences etc.

6.the name of the business
Choose the appropriate name that will attract customers. You can either choose funny names, names of celebrities etc.
Funny names are also valid and fundamental to any business right from the workers in the business to its customers.

7.How do you relate with people?
Ensure that you build a good relationship with people.

It refers to any activity carried out with an aim of increasing sales.
It can be done through the principle of "buy more and get a bar of soap for free!"
Use these attractive small commodities to promote sales and make sure that the profit of the product promoted can pay back the free commodity attached and can also give you additional amounts.

Secrete about
Business is something that you have to create a good rapport with it.This means , you have to commit yourself and avoid any unnecessary misuse of money from the business. Put a lot of efforts on saving and expanding business.
Remember that what you think , yes you become.So if you put in your mind that you will never succeed ,that is what will face you because you already created that spirit bin your heart.

How to become a successful business person
Never ignore and feel bored about the type of business you operate.Maybe because you saw someone earning much more than what you get.
Consider the following points:
1) Be yourself - never wait for others to alert you on what to do
2)Avoid copying bad business ideas
3)Believe in yourself that you can make it.
4)Try to compete with others through stocking new products, having different advertising methods and also having a good business layout.
5)Look on other means you can access the targeted market
6)Have a clear record about the activities in the business i.e money in, money out
7)Avoid piled debts and credits because the business will run bankrupt
8)Read articles on business to get ideas
9)Attend business conferences

Short story about me

I was once a hawker, selling pencils. I started with a very little capital of 1USD. I experienced a lot of frustrations because from the same , I had to obtain rent and other basic needs.
But afterwards I found myself making steps ahead.
I stared saving in my safari-com line and my loan limit increased.
With the combined efforts from both sides, my business amd loans , I found myself operating on large scale.
Never lose hope!!! This is your time!!!


Start today following the above points and you will make $20000 per week!!!


How can you make money?

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      I like it... you are right


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