Buy Local Gasoline - Tax Dollars Stay in Your Community

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    American_Choicesposted 4 years ago

    Every state in the United States is different but there is something each of us should know. A large part of our spending habits is food and gasoline. Sadly, we often look for the cheapest gasoline in the short time and yet in some cases that may mean the taxes are going to another community.

    Do you know where the taxes you are spending on your gasoline where they are going? Do you have a choice between various gasoline stations? Are you helping or harming your local community?

    Wisconsin and Illinois are completely different for sales tax - Illinois has local taxing authority - Wisconsin is a community tax - statewide. So when I lived in Illinois it was critical for me to purchase gasoline in my local community. Here in Wisconsin it is one large statewide pool that is shared.

    Do you know where the tax you pay on your gasoline is going to?