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what to do when the creditors owe you????

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    Prochef559posted 8 years ago

    what to do when the creditors owe you????

    I made a payment over the phone and asked if a automatic w/drawl was set up. They stated no so I paid over the phone, the next day they did a automated withdrawl! I sent the paperwork with proof of overdraft charges and the double payment. It has been two months and they have repeatedly stated they

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    satansluvchildposted 8 years ago

    If they refuse to answer your request.  You should call them and speak to a regular customer rep.  If they refuse to help you, you need to go up the chain of command until you are satisfied.

    If you are STILL not satisfied, you need to contact your State's Attorney General's office and/or the Better Business Bureau.

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    IĆ°unnposted 8 years ago

    You can keep asking up the line for their managers on the phone until you get someone high up enough to fix it.

    You can and should also call the Better Business Bureau to file a report.

    You can call your bank.  I don't think they can retract but they can keep any more auto pays from coming out and I would definitely do that.

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    Pearldiverposted 8 years ago

    Ring the Highest in the Command chain  Stop wasting your time with the grunts when the General has a legal obligation to rectify a problem that could potentially loose him a star!

    He won't deal with you probably.. But his secretary WILL.  Plus the grunt who mucked you around .... potatoes!  It works!

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    Prochef559posted 8 years ago

    Thanks for the advice-I will give it a try- my only fear is that they will file for bankruptcy today and my measley $800. will not be paid back!

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    JustSimple infoposted 8 years ago

    Couple of things... when you call them always note the time and date, and who you spoke to....    ask what time frame is it for a refund.  Know this, It took me 4 months to get a refund from a collection agency.  It took me complaining to supervisors, to filing a complaint with the State Attorney General, to the Dept of Finance that regulates collection agencies in my state.    Complaints go a long way........... Ask what their refund policy is and if they cant tell you, then you know something is wrong.  If they tell you there refund policy and you do not have your money yet, then its time to file those complaints.  Some companies move faster when they have been contacted by the State Attorney Generals office