how do u apply for single moms trying to find a home grant?

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    danielle813posted 7 years ago

    how do u apply for single moms trying to find a home grant?

    i need to find a home for my daugther an i asap

  2. tmbridgeland profile image83
    tmbridgelandposted 7 years ago

    I am guessing you want to buy a home, with some help from local, state or federal money.

    I suggest you call you local city government and ask if there are local grants. My home town has some. They make you take a home-ownership class, but otherwise it is really easy.

    One problem, they only have a certain amount of money to give away, and once it is gone they have to wait until the next year to get more. So you need to get your name in soon, so that you are at the top of the list when they get the new money in.

    Also, many states have grant money, and the federal government has many programs for low-income people. Get the phone book and start calling.

    You can also call a local real estate office and ask if they know of any programs. I was a Realtor some years ago, and helped people find grant programs. Realtors usually know a little about this, and can at least tell you who you need to call to get the information. For that matter, a bank's mortgage officer will probably know about programs like this.