when will iraqi dinar revalue again to its original strength

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    rajsanposted 7 years ago

    when will iraqi dinar revalue again to its original strength

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    jimcrowthersposted 7 years ago


    This question is impossible to answer. It may never appreciate to its original strength, and, really, it's all relative. Relative to the Euro, relative to the USD, relative to how much you can buy with it and how much effort or work does it take to earn it.

    I foresee a slow appreciation process, where the government becomes strong and stable, the oil fields are producing, new fields are discovered, the infrastructure returns to what it once was, and the citizens interact harmoniously with each other, respecting each other's faith and ethnicity.

    I know that this answer is probably not what you are looking for, and I apologize, but it's the best I can do.

    Thank you very much for your great question!

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    rulesforrebelsposted 5 years ago

    You ask when as you assume it ever will. People talk about WHEN it will RV and not IF it will RV. This is currency speculation in the riskiest form. This is not even a traded or pegged currency. I look at it like a lottery ticket more than an investment. The risk vs reward is there, however I would be prepared if not expecting to lose out on this investment, if something different happens and you hit it big then awesome!!!