How can I ever get through with bank fees from shopping at grocery store or clot

  1. lisasweetty profile image59
    lisasweettyposted 7 years ago

    How can I ever get through with bank fees from shopping at grocery store or clothing stores.

    Just yesterday I recieved a bank statement saying I had overdraft when I was at the supermarket.So I called them on the phone and to have it blocked I would have to pay another fee.What is up with all of these different fees and I am trying to find oout what information you might know to help me out.I think they are ripping the customer off this way it is not right at all what ideas do you suggest for me or what can I do.Why is it that the atm has so many fees for different usage and the same applies just like the banks or worse.

  2. rdsac profile image60
    rdsacposted 7 years ago

    yes,,,,,,,this   is  charge  us   unnecessarily.........actually    banks    does    not   want   to  help  people    they    just   want    to   get   money   from   poeple......sometimes    i   feel.......banks    are   biggest    monster...............if    you   do  not  have   will   not   provide   you   money.......they   are   charging   us    to    just   take   of   our    money.........they   think   we   are   not   capable   of   handling    money   ourself.......!!!!!!!!!........Really    this   kind   of   things   makes    me  .........hate   bank....!!!!!!!  I  really   hate   banks....

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    MobyWhoposted 5 years ago

    Whoa there lisasweetty...What do you mean "have it blocked?" I'm no fan of banks, but let's face it, they are providing a way for you to use and manage your money without carrying a lot of cash around. It's important for YOU to take care of your money...the banks just make it safe and easy for you to control it...but you have to play by their rules, so learn the rules.

    Don't get into fancy financing - that's where they make their money. Most banks, if you are online, have an 'alert' feature. You set the amount: i.e. alert me via e-mail if my account drops below $20.00 (or any set amount). But Pay Attention!

    ATMs do have fees, but you don't need to use them if you plan ahead! Each bank usually has ATMs that belong to them = no fees, so use them. Learn to handle cash: withdraw enough for a week and put it in separate section of your wallet or purse.

    Remember, you can't beat them so play by their rules and you'll find your life happier.