What free stock screening and backtesting software do you use?

  1. hemmerling profile image67
    hemmerlingposted 6 years ago

    What free stock screening and backtesting software do you use?

    My favorite freebie is Portfolio123 (use code HKURTIS to get 45 free days full use or they also have free membership status). MSN Money used to have an awesome free screener but they removed it and the Bing one is not great. AAII.com has a good paid one. But I have only found Portfolio123 that comes with free membership for backtesting. Any other ones out there?

  2. Jon Peterz profile image60
    Jon Peterzposted 6 years ago

    I much prefer ETF's but have also scoured the net this past year in search for some free backtesting.  There are plenty of screeners out there.  Yahoo Finance always seemed ok by me.  Years ago I used a site called something like "Pitbull investing".  It screened according to the CANSLIM IBD type criteria.  Worked ok back in the late 90's.  It always seemed to come up with some stock winners.  I think it's a pay site now. 
    The only free backtesting I've found is a little beta site that backtests TA.  This site lets you use only various custimizeable moving average and/or bollinger band strategies for major stocks and popular ETF's.  Even some leveraged ETFs.  Not very comprehensive but its free and gives nice results in either graphical or tabular form with buys and sells.  Just that it's uses only very specific TA signals---moving averages, bollinger.


    Oops, almost forgot, Fidelity has a limited free TA backtesting site:


  3. hemmerling profile image67
    hemmerlingposted 6 years ago

    Jon, have you checked out Portfolioi123? They do ETF backtesting with fundamental and technical analysis. You are welcome to use the code HKURTIS to get 45 days of free trial - following which just switch yourself to the free membership. They include dividends in the ETF backtesting, rotational models, etc. TA and fundamental analysis - but you can only make one custom screen at a time and one year of backtesting. Worth checking out anyways.

    Thanks for those two sources. Free stuff is hard to come by.