Have you caught the Euro Currency Fever!

  1. chigoiyke profile image60
    chigoiykeposted 8 years ago

    I wanted to earn more so I changeg my adsense account to euro from dollar because of the formers strength in the exchange market. please advice me. I might even change to Pounds when it is available(am just joking) so what do you think? Is it a nice move??? considering the fact that times are changing...

  2. ForexCashBack profile image40
    ForexCashBackposted 8 years ago

    Well I don't know if changing your account to Euros will make you earn more. However, if you live in the states, your Euros will be able to buy more, as of right now 1 dollar is 1.48 Euros. So I guess you can spend about 48 cents more per dollar that you recieve.

  3. profile image47
    Insurance Basicsposted 8 years ago

    Slow down folks.
    Presumably Google will pay you what they owe you converted into whatever currency you prefer. It doesn't mean that you get 'more' just because the Euro has recently been stronger than the USD.

    As an example, if Google owes you US$149.00 and you have told them you'd like the money paid out in Euros, you'll get 100 Euros, as of today, Nov. 20, 2009, when the exchange is just about USD$1.49 to 1 Euro.

    Your purchasing power will be the same, either way, wherever you receive the money, because you will have received the same amount in either case.

    And no offense, but when people talk about having a 'fever' relative to an asset/market, you're often seeing an ascent in the end stages...

    Google 'contrarian indicator'.