How can I make money with my voice?

  1. Un4gttbl1 profile image60
    Un4gttbl1posted 4 years ago

    How can I make money with my voice?

    As a customer service rep, I have been told numerous times that I can make money with my voice. But I don't know how to get started or who to contract.

  2. Brilqntin profile image75
    Brilqntinposted 4 years ago

    well, you can do voice overs - for phone answer machines, video ads, video tutorials, etc. - but for that, you need perfect English so it'd help if you are a native or if not - then accent free :-) There are from time to time job posts about voice overs on sites like oDesk, Elance, and such. Or you can also do online research about websites which handle only this type of projects - like, there are agencies for models and stuff - probably there are similar agencies for "voice models". hope this helps and good luck!