Is life insurance worth it?

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    shehanmposted 16 months ago

    Is life insurance worth it?

    I am an expat in China who has been contacted by firms offering life insurance as a 'protection' for my family and I. Does anybody have any experience with them? A particular company that calls me from Shanghai claims that they use reputable companies from the UK. They also offered me the option of buying insurance via 'fly to buy' in Hong Kong. I am not sure. It seems good but I am concerned that it could be too good to be true.

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    Rebecca Harris 44posted 16 months ago


    I am not sure about fly to buy in Hong Kong, but I did purchase life insurance and critical insurance cover through a particular company called Oscar Winson ( in Hong Kong. They were recommended to me by a friend. Life insurance is basically insurance upon my life for a number for years (in my case until I am 65). If anything was to happen to me, I would know my kids would have something to fall back on. Critical insurance cover is a type of insurance where if I get say cancer during the protection period and hence will be unable to work, I would still have regular income.

    I would recommend getting life insurance through any company. However the company I used also has a Shanghai Office. You can find their address here. (