Being sued by Cavalry SPV I, LLC. Does "assignee of Citibank" mean anything le

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    JHill2607posted 6 months ago

    Being sued by Cavalry SPV I, LLC.  Does  "assignee of Citibank" mean anything legally.

    As the plaintiff, it says Cavalry SPV I, LLC as assignee of Citibank.  They've attached a statement from 2015, labeled Exhibit A, including card agreement. Also, they've included a bill of sale, Exhibit B, showing they purchased the debt which appears to be a bulk of accounts.  I'm preparing the Request for Production, do I list them as "assignee of Citibank"

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    nochanceposted 6 months ago

    Even if any of us were laywers we would not be able to legally help you. You should probably hire a lawyer.