How to make your weed bussines

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    Jumperwordsposted 7 years ago

    A while back my friend said that he and sone neighborhood kids were starting a weeding company that would go around and provide lawncare for people in their neighborhood. So me my two brothers and a friend did the sane we charges five dollars per person per hour. The summer we began we all earned a total profit of around 200 dollars each with 50 dollars! All u do is take a bike and go door to door in your neighborhodd and ask if they would like to have their garden taken care of or their entire back and front yard. It's better to ask for back and font yards; it also helps if you bring weed poison(for weeds in the driveway and it gives a more proffesional touch.) Some gloves also help, mostly because some houses can have thorny plants and gloves also help get big bunches of weeds. A bigger topic is that you might encounter animals, snakes frogs ect. One time I found a snake near my brotheres, it was small and had and orange belly and an orange on it's neck! Luckily it was still a baby and pretty small; so I looked around and grabbed a metal stick that wad thin and shaped as an "L." I ended up killing it so always be on the lookout for animals and sharp objects. Always knock on houses in pairs just to be safe and don't go alone. Be cautios and look both ways!!

    Best of luck and God bless

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      Sunny_Sposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Good story and venture. Quality!