How to become a millionaire trading penny stocks

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    How to become a millionaire trading penny stocks
    This is not a hype or a get rich quick scam.  This is an opportunity that has changed the financial future of many people not only in the United states but all over the world.
    There are many things to put into consideration when trading penny stocks.  While itâ��s easy to lose a lot of money as a penny stock trader, itâ��s also possible to make a lot of money.    When trading penny stocks,  timing is all that is needed.  Good timing means profitable trades while bad timing cannot only make you lose money but can make you miserable for the rest of your life.
    I have been trading penny stocks for over 7 years and I must tell you, I started with just only $500.  Within 2 months, I turned my $500 to $20,000 but only to lose it all a few days later.   I asked myself so many questions but couldnâ��t find the answers.  Then I realized I was only being lucky in my first two months of trading.  I started digging into a lot of things like buying books, researching penny stocks newsletters, reading and attending seminars just to be an informed trader.  While going through this process, I stopped trading.  I was afraid to lose money again.   After many months of education, I began trading and since then I have never looked back.  Itâ��s been profits upon profits for me.  After my success as a trader, I consider it necessary to share my knowledge with everyone lucky enough to read this article.  There are many things to learn and many things to know before trading not only penny stocks, but large cap and mid cap also.  I also have a penny stock newsletter that I follow.  Candidly speaking, this newsletter is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will give the name of the newsletter later. With less than 30 bucks a month you can enjoy trading penny stocks without fear and inflate your pockets with lots of profits with picks and alerts from the newsletter. 
    Here are three things to learn before trading:
    1.    Find a stocks to trade.  To find stocks to trade, you must look for the news and sec filling.  Check what has been going on with the company in the past 6 months and also future events.
    2.    Watch the stock for a few days.  Before buying a stock, watch for technical breakout.  You must know how to read charts. and are both free to use.
    3.    Catalyst is the most important thing to consider when buying stocks.  What will make the stock to go up?  Is there a FDA approval, merger, new patent or a new contract?  These are the catalyst that can spark a stock.
    If you put these three things into consideration before trading,  you will never suffer any loss in your trading again.  The newsletter I am following can be found
    They are reliable and have made me a lot of money with their alerts.