Overdraft Protection?

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    alaze2003posted 8 years ago

    Overdraft protection is highly recommended if qualify? I know that sounds crazy, but most banks these days tell you that you 're going to have overdraft protection on your accounts. When in reality, you must have a form of overdraft protection, yes that's right, a form. That means you must have a savings account, credit card, or in some cases a line of credit. If you decide to use credit as protection most banks require that you must have their credit not another bank. Otherwise, in order to protect your money you must have money in your savings account to act as a form of overdraft protection. Then some banks have it setup, in order to use protection you must pay them a fee to sweep your funds over, from the protection to your over drafted account. I know that's crazy, they're charging you to protect your account with your own money but, that's how they make theirs. I recommend, if you don't have good credit and are struggling to keep money in your savings account then your best option would be to contact your bank. Once you've contacted your bank, advise them that you want your debit card setup to deactivate once you start to exceed your balance in your account. That option will prevent you from overdrawing and also help to avoid fees. You MUST contact your bank for that option, it will not take effect itself, you have to request it from your financial institution. I hope I provided you with some intriguing information to help your banking needs.

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    Reealjrdposted 8 years ago

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