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How to Get a Scholarship for The Nursing School

Updated on November 23, 2010

You can become a nurse without paying for school

There are many nursing schools that offer scholarships that cover tuition and book costs for the entire duration of the program. In return, they ask the beneficiary of the scholarship to work for the hospital that gave the scholarship for a period of time(usually one or two years).It can be a really cool thing, you get to do nursing school for free and when you are out of school you have a job right away. It's not easy to get a scholarship, but with a little effort you can do it.

Step 1

Find a school that offers scholarships for nursing program.Most of them have that kind of scholarship, however not all of them offer it.Usually, the scholarships are offered on a merit base, so you don't have to have a low income to qualify.By offering this merit scholarships hospitals are trying to find and keep good workers.

Step 2

Your GPA matters very much if you want to get the nursing school scholarship, and usually the students who apply are very competitive, so try to get the higher GPA that you can in your prerequisites and general requirements courses.

Step 3

It would be best if you could have some work experience in the healthcare field,even for a few months, as an employee or a volunteer.Do your best in those months because you will need at least one recommendation.




Step 4


Immediately after you are admitted into the nursing program, apply to the scholarship(s) offered by the nursing school.Some schools have scholarships offered by many hospitals, and you will have the opportunity to schoose a hospital that you would prefer to work after finishing school.Make sure you know all the details, such as when you will work (will you be required to work night shifts, mandatory overtime),if you will be paid the same as the rest of the stuff, and what happens if you want to resign before the one or two years period of time.

   Step 5


If you have a very good GPA and good recommendations it's very possible that you will be offered a scholarsip.You have to mantain a certain standard ( good grades and good conduct) in order to keep your scholarship


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