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6 Successful Tips to Find Hot Penny Stock Picks

Updated on October 8, 2008

I Need to Find Hot Penny Stock Picks, NOW!

So you think you can earn big if you invest into buying stocks, right? Well, to tell you the truth, the answer is “it depends.” It depends because it really does depend to the type of stock you want to invest at. But if you are a beginner as an investor and you think the most appropriate stock for you is the penny stock, better think again. Don’t go searching the web for hot penny stock picks just yet. You have to know first, why and what makes a penny stock a hot penny stock pick.

The Erratic Economy.

Keep An Eye on Those Hot Penny Stock Picks!
Keep An Eye on Those Hot Penny Stock Picks!

Hot Penny Stock Picks and Stock Picks: Explained

To distinguish the hot penny stock picks from other types of stock, let us learn what a penny stock is first. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines penny stocks as low-priced shares of small companies. Entrepreneurs see penny stocks as small companies which have shares trading below $3 each. Hot penny stock picks on the other hand are more specific than penny stocks. Hot penny stock picks are penny stocks which has a high chance of succeeding or increasing in value. There are many factors that affect a penny stock to become a hot penny stock pick. But generally, the most common factor affecting a penny stock to become a hot penny stock pick is when a small and newly-established company which develops itself to increase its worth and delivers constantly and successfully to its target market suddenly shifts the interest of financial markets and investors to invest with them.


Strategize Before Buying Those Hot Penny Stock Picks
Strategize Before Buying Those Hot Penny Stock Picks

6 Helpful Tips On How to Find Those Hot Penny Stock Picks

Now that you know how hot penny stock picks work, it’s pretty much time to find out how to discern them from normal or failing penny stocks by following the tips below:

Tip 1: A sure way to find hot penny stock picks is to analyze the industry trend. What your goal and what you want are to find small starting companies that are producing products that are just starting to successfully sell to their target market.

Tip 2: Now that you got your hot penny stock picks, pick out a few companies which you think will flourish in the future. Keep track of how they are doing in the market every day for a few weeks.

Tip 3: While keeping track of what you think are promising hot penny stock picks, do some research regarding the company. Even if you will buy stocks for just a dollar each, it is still important for the investor to find critical data regarding how the company is doing in the market. Penny stocks don’t follow disclosure and filing rules stocks on larger markets so it is difficult to find information about them which is vital for you to know if your investment will succeed.

Tip 4: Often companies that belong to hot penny stock picks are companies which deliver strong operating results. These types of companies are growing sales which will generate more profit and eventually will dominate other companies within its industry.

Tip 5: Find a specialized penny stock screener which is needed to screen your hot penny stock picks to find out which penny stock is ideal for you since only a limited amount of data is available for penny stocks.

Tip 6: Take advantage of magazines or newsletters which cover penny stocks. It should help you out how to find hot penny stock picks.

So, Is Investing In Hot Penny Stock Picks Still for Me?

It depends to you! Remember, you can get the most profit out of hot penny stock picks by investing early. The goal is to beat other investors so right timing is everything. If you are a beginner as an investor and at stock trading, penny stocks are not the kind of stocks you should start with. Even if you are an experienced trader yourself, only through meticulous research, wise decision making and careful strategy are the only ways you can find hot penny stock picks.


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