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How To Become Self Employed Today

Updated on November 13, 2014

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In the world today, many people loved to be their own boss by being self-employed yet still many loves to be under people to work. Many people think the money is in the hospital or in the bank but then there is a way to become your own boss.

There is unemployment everywhere in the world today. You will see graduates looking for job and not getting. They end up joining unemployment associations and experience the bitter aspect of life not fulfilling their dreams and desires.

I don’t know the category you fall. Whether you have your full time job and earning a substantial income, you are not satisfied with your job, you are unemployed or you are a student who doesn’t want to be part of unemployment association in the future, this article is for you.

If you have a good job too you can make additional income while doing your work as well.


There are many ways to become your own boss. You can establish your own business and make investment to employ yourself if you have money but that is not the purpose of this article.

The best way to become self-employed is by making money online. Most people have problem with this but you can actually make money online. The question is how? The answer is there are many ways to make money online on the internet today.

Some of the ways to make money online are;

  1. Writing articles and creating videos; anybody can make money through this method. This article you are reading is making me money as you read it.

You can write keyword articles for website like

  1. Hubpages
  2. Infobarrell
  3. Docstoc
  4. IndiaStudyChannel
  5. YouTube

You need to get Google AdSense account in order to do well with these websites. When you link your AdSense account with your account with these websites, Google will place ads on the pages of your article or videos and when someone click on the ads on you page, you get paid for it.

If you have a blog or a website, it is even better. While it is a little difficult to get a website, it is much easier to have your own blog and link it to your AdSense account. This will maximize your earnings.

People ask what they should write about. The answer is “anything”. You know something that somebody doesn’t know, you experiences that you can share to the world and the world will be inspired. That is what you are to write.

  1. Writing eBooks; this is also one of the ways to become your own boss. There are websites who want books to sell and they want people to write it for them. what they will do is that they will sell the book and give you up to 90% of the sales. The work is the writing.

You write books for;

  1. Amazon direct publishing
  2. Google books
  3. EBay
  4. Barnes and nobles

You can also search for directories to submit eBook for sale on Google and get more directories to submit your eBook for sale.

  1. Surveys; this is one of the easiest way to make money online but it is time consuming and myself I don’t spend my time there. I deal with things that will bring passive income so that even in the future I can get paid for my effort now. Many people are doing well here too.

  1. Affiliate marketing; this would have been the first I talk about but I brought it to the last point because I want to delve a little more into it in this article. If you want to establish a reliable income from the internet then you can do well here. There are lots of affiliate marketing sites on the internet but the two I have personal experience with are SFI and clickbank. I make reliable income here.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that most allow network marketing where you can recruit people under yourself and get commission from their activities. I have 365 active affiliates in my downline on SFI which gives me over $5000 monthly without any effort from me.

Another way to make huge cash and be your own boss is to have your own website and have your own product to sell. This is great but not everybody can do this. You need to have some technical knowledge or invest money to build your own business website to do this.

Affiliate program is great but you need to be good at marketing before you can do well here. It takes effort and time to do but great rewarding. If you are a beginner then you need to start with article writing and video creation and made passive income before involving in others.


Everybody can be his own boss but not everybody love to be. Even if you fall under those who don’t want to be their own boss why not making additional income from the internet at your spare time. No matter how huge your income is, multiple streams of income is good to maximize your income. Writing your experiences at workplace or travel experiences is great to make you some cash.

You thoughts and experiences can make you cash and you will be financially free. If you are unemployed this is for you, you need to give it time to make money.

If you are a student this is the time for you to build a business that will sustain you and your family in the future. This article is written by a Ghanaian undergraduate student. Whilst people are looking for job for more than a year after graduation and not getting, students are making over $5000 monthly from the internet while in school. More than GHC150,000 which most workers who work for 8 hours daily are not making.

It is legitimate to make money online. You can scam to get it too but not everybody is scamming to make a substantial income from the internet. Even scamming cannot sustain you because what you get is a one-time income.

If you want to make good income that brings real freedom from the internet, it must be legitimate.

It is up to you reading this article to decide on what to do now. If you are a student, start training yourself to overcome the high unemployment rate in the world today.

Write your mind. Anything you can think of is needed by someone to do something great, write it and make money from it.

May be you have had a disappointment with making money online before. Write about it so that nobody will make the mistake you made. Your experience can help someone, share it and the world will become a better place.

After all it does not require money to write to make money online. It is educative on it own why not try your writing skills and make money doing so. Open account with the article writing directories and start today.

This is one of my articles and I look forward to read yours.


Do you trust the idea of making money online?

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From the best marketer of the year 2014


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