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Internet Marketing Gurus - Best Avoided?

Updated on June 9, 2010

Internet Marketing Gurus – those individuals who according to sales page after sales page can help us transform our lives by revealing the secret of internet marketing success. Which internet marketing gurus should you trust? How do you choose between them? Let me share my thoughts and tell you something of my experience.

Not so many years ago I would read many sales pages about the latest product, usually the latest e-book, and I confess, if that's the right word, that I would often be tempted to buy whatever was being offered. I lived in hope that it would give me the missing piece in the jigsaw of a successful internet marketing career. And I have another confession to make, like so many other newcomers, perhaps half of all the publications I bought were read once, fairly enthusiastically, with the promise to myself that I would go back to them, learn the method and apply it. But in reality, that wouldn't happen because I was still trying to apply the system described in the previous e-book. I was buying information from the internet marketing gurus at a faster rate than I could hope to understand and apply, resulting in this backlog of e-books on my hard drive.

I suppose much of this situation was a result of my impatience. I wanted to “make money online” as soon as possible and when it became apparent that the system I had bought from the internet marketing gurus last month was not bringing instant results, despite the claims of the sales page ($25,000 in 25 days!) I would start to look around and buy something else being offered by an apparently successful internet marketing guru. And there was always something else on offer. Another email would arrive telling me to be quick and buy the latest system, before the price went up, or the e-book was withdrawn. The internet marketing gurus know how to apply sales pressure!

Well maybe I was naïve but it took me time to realise that often the same internet marketing gurus who had offered me a life changing, highly profitable system last month, were offering me another world beating system this month. And I started to get irritated. Not only by the fact that the emails kept coming but by the fact that if the last system was so good, why did I have to be offered another system? Surely, I would be well on my way in a successful internet marketing career and wouldn't need another system.

I removed myself from the lists of several very well known internet marketing gurus because I got fed up with their constant sales pitches. Many of them were much keener to sell me the next system rather than give me real support applying the previous system they had encouraged me to buy. Why? Because in many cases they had no experience of “walking the talk” and I realised these internet marketing gurus were simply making money by selling system after system to internet marketing hopefuls rather than applying what they were selling. There was a constant stream of sometimes fairly desperate newcomers, like me, who would be tempted to part with a little cash to try and earn enough pay the rent.

The big launches of products started to annoy me as well. The series of teaser emails to start raising the hype. These would come from multiple sources as the internet marketing gurus got together in joint ventures. But to a certain extent I think this was self defeating because each guru had to start offering bonus products to encourage me to sign up through their affiliate link. And the bonus products were often outdated e-books and software which could be picked up for very little or even nothing elsewhere. I'm not sure why I'm writing this in the past tense, as it is still happening today. Over-hyped launches of average products to the enthusiastic newcomer to internet marketing.

Am I being cynical? Am I blaming others for my failure - perhaps? If I had really persevered with just one of the systems I was sold by the internet marketing gurus, instead of trying the latest system would I have succeeded? Well I did try very hard with a few of them but my experience was, and still is, that there was never quite the level of detail needed for a step-by-step approach to internet marketing success. And perhaps if the sale pitch hadn't made such amazing claims, but been more realistic in explaining the time-scales involved, I would not have become so frustrated. But, of course, if the sales pitch had been realistic I may not have been tempted to buy the product at all!

So have I given up on internet marketing gurus? Well no. Because fortunately I discovered there was a different kind of guru out there. In fact, I don't really want to label them as a guru. They are specialists in their fields. It may be Wordpress blogging to make money, or using the Build A Niche Store software to create a first class eBay affiliate website. Or it could be using Hubpages or Squidoo to write articles and earn income. But what all these specialists do is “walk the talk” so they fully understand what they are doing and what I am trying to achieve. Generally speaking, they do not bombard me with the latest system to make money in internet marketing, but will sometimes let me know about a product related to their speciality that may help me progress with my money making efforts. And as far as I'm aware, the majority work alone or perhaps with a partner to develop their expertise and share it with others. Whereas, some of the big guns amongst the internet marketing gurus are running sizeable organisations, employing staff to manage the whole process.

Based on this experience, my suggestion if you're still with me, is to try not to chase the silver bullet of success in making money online. I don't think it exists. And if it does, if a sizeable income can be made very quickly, it won't last long because everybody will be onto it. The system will be abused until it collapses, just like a chain letter, or MLM scheme. My suggestion is that you find a process that you are comfortable with, that builds on your experience and skills if possible. In my experience, this will often be by developing a niche site. A website that specialises in a topic that will be of interest to others. If you know a lot about cats, develop a site about cats and everything about cats. You may have to buy some software to build sites easily but usually the financial investment will not be great. What will be needed is your time – time to write content or research physical products to sell or whatever. Search the web for building niche sites or stores and you will find plenty of specialists to help you. I write about Building Niche Stores here.

You won't need any internet marketing gurus to do this. You won't need to have an inbox full of the latest amazing offers. Just time and the patience to build a site. It has been said that any niche can be dominated within about a year with consistent effort. Sometimes a lot less. And when you've learned the skills, you can repeatedly build quality sites which will give you the best chance of providing an income for years to come.

Internet Marketing Gurus - Comments Please

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  • bigmikeh profile image

    bigmikeh 8 years ago from UK

    Thanks CMHypno. Yes, never ending teaser emails can become really irritating.

  • CMHypno profile image

    CMHypno 8 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

    So far I've resisted paying out, but what I find really irritating is those 'free' courses that say that they have 'great knowledge' or a 'wonderful system' that tell you absolutely nothing in about 25 emails and all they are really trying to do is sell you something. Great Hub, with loads of useful insights.