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Loyalty Reward Programs You Absolutely Have to Join When in Port Moresby, PNG

Updated on February 12, 2017
I personally am a member of all these loyalty reward programs.
I personally am a member of all these loyalty reward programs.

The Loyalty Reward Programs

I've been living in Port Moresby for some time now and it’s only recently with economic boom that supermarkets and retailers introduced loyalty reward programs in an effort to retain shoppers and probably do some market research.

The loyalty reward program is a structured marketing strategy used to encourage shoppers become loyal clients and is deployed all over the world. However, in this hub I look specifically at programs in the capital city of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Port Moresby.

Here are the loyalty reward programs that you absolutely must join if you live in Port Moresby.

The Stop N' Shop mall at Waigani Central.
The Stop N' Shop mall at Waigani Central. | Source

Real Rewards Plus

Real Reward is the program introduced by the City Pharmacy Ltd (CPL) group of companies and is used in the entire Stop ‘N Shop and City Pharmacy retail outlets plus Hardware Haus. Unfortunately, it cannot be used at Paradise Cinemas or Bon Café.

The program initially started as a small booklet which would be stamped and once certain number of pages was filled, rewards would be collected. A few years back CPL switched to the card system.

City Pharmacy is well established in the county making their program the largest and oldest loyalty reward program.

Front of the Vision City mall copies the country's Parliament building.
Front of the Vision City mall copies the country's Parliament building. | Source

Wantok Rewards

Soon after Malaysian logging giant, Rimbunan Hijau (RH), built their mega mall at Waigani and setup their supermarket RH Hypermart, they introduced the Wantok Reward program which was officially launched in August, 2011.

Their website ( claimed to have reached more than 20, 000 users in less than 2 years.

Reward points are earned when shopping at their 2 supermarkets in Port Moresby. (I’m sure they have plans of expanding to other centers.)

Map to Vision City

Air Niugini Destinations Loyalty Program

Even if you are not a frequent flyer, Air Niugini’s Destination program is worth joining.

Members are given a card which they use when checking in at the airport and points are awarded to their accounts. The points vary between destinations. However, points are also awarded when shopping with certain retailers or service providers in the country.

You earn points by shopping at Brian Bell, or use services provided by the following; Coral Sea Hotels, AVIS Car Rentals or EsiLoan.

An added bonus to being a member of this program, especially if you are a frequent traveller between Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG), is the additional checked baggage allowance.

Further details can be found at

You can also earn Destination points by shopping at Brian Bell outlets.
You can also earn Destination points by shopping at Brian Bell outlets. | Source

Bonus - Superannuation Members Discount

As an added bonus, I think a mention about the benefits of being a member of either Nambawan Super or Nasfund needs to be said.

These two superannuation funds have discount programs with various supermarkets and shops around the country and members are automatically entitled provided they show their membership card during purchase.

Now, I’m not going to list all the shops that in this program but I use it at Brian Bell Home Centre and a barber shop at Waigani.

Shopping Facts

There are currently 3 shopping malls in Port Moresby. There is Vision City, owned by logging giant Rimbunan Hijau, Waterfront, owned by Garamut Enterprises and the newly opned Stop N' Shop Central Waigani owned by CPL.

What About You?

Are you a member of any loyalty reward program?

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Final Say

Although the concept of reward programs has been fairly new to the shopping scene in the country, a lot of people have gladly accepted it and even benefited from it.

There are often specials that only members of the loyalty reward program can enjoy like Air Niugini’s baggage allowance and sometimes shoppers get discounts when using their reward cards. However, the retailers also benefit from the programs.

The data collected by retailers as a result of the program can be used to analyze current demands and predict future trends. In the future it could also be used to customize and personalize shopping experience and advertising.

There is also a downside to reward programs but we will be looking at that in a later hub.

© 2014 Bernard Sinai


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    This is a good review. Please do update on new upcoming loyalty programs...