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Making Money on Twitter

Updated on April 6, 2009

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About Us

This Hub is provided to you courtesy of the TweetCluBB - a training program and support system helping business owners and enretreneurs learn how to use Twitter for their business.

A message from our founder:

... "I did so well integrating Twitter into my business that I decided to help other business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to revolutionize their business model using Twitter. I'm sure you've heard plenty of buzz about Twitter on the news, from celebrities, and online. Make the most of that buzz by building a strong following, promoting your products and services, and networking with others in your industry from around the world!" ...


The Twitter Revolution

Twitter has become an international phenomenon.You are asked to answer a simple question: "What are you doing Now?". The simplicity of its design allows users to communicate (or Tweet) in an entirely different way. It have overcome most other social networking sites and solutions, coming in right behind MySpace and Facebook. It has become so influential, in fact, that the multi-billion dollar giant Facebook has modeled the design of their platform to mimic that of Twitter.

Everything that you 'Tweet' is instantly available and searchable on the net. It has added an extremely quick and effective medium to advertising, promotions, and other industries that rely on reaching a certian audience or target base.

The Twitter Song

TweetDeck and Twirhl
TweetDeck and Twirhl

Twitter Desktop Clients

I have had some fun testing the various Twitter posting solutions. I can post from my blog, from my phone, my desktop, or any computer with an internet connection. With all of the information that will be coming through your business-related Twitter account, I would recommend settling for whatever solution allows you to quickly and easily check your feed, and that will let you differentiate between the general feed, replies to your tweets, and Direct Messages. Keeping everything on one feed using the web site may be the simple solution you are looking for, but I recommend a desktop solution.

A list of interesting Twitter apps can be found on Twitter's App Page. Two of the primary Desktop clients that I am now evaluating are TweetDeck and Twhirl.


I have been using TweetDeck for around a month or so, and have been very happy with it. It allows me to have individual panes open showing me my general feed, replies to my Tweets, and Direct messages. One of my favorite features is the Profile view that pops up when I need it. I get tired of apps that do nothing but redirect you to the web version of whatever it is you're looking for. Having it all in one tidy package is definitely a big help.

Another interesting feature that I like about TweetDeck is the integrated TwitScoop pane that shows you the latest trending topics. Great way to see who's talking about what.

Unique TweetDeck Features:

  • TwitScoop Integration - Another interesting feature that I like about TweetDeck is the integrated TwitScoop pane that shows you the latest trending topics. Great way to see who's talking about what.
  • Set your own Groups- A great feature for Business Twitterers. I have been steadily building my Follow list, but I don't necessarily want to see EVERY update from some of the people that I follow. Grouping allows me to see posts only from the Twitter friends that I want to see, without having to unfollow others.
  • Post Video through 12 Seconds - Great feature if you love doing video. I don't, so I don't really use this much.
  • Pane Views- This is the primary feature that differentiates TweetDeck from Twhirl and other clients that I use. I run my 17" laptop screen at 1920x1200 resolution, so I have no problem keeping a bigger window open that will show me everything that I need to see in one glance. For those that don't necessarily have acres of screen real estate to spare, there is a sliding bar at the bottom that lets you leave the window small, but still have access to the other panes.
  • Search Engine- A full search engine harnessing the power of Twitter Search. Another great solution integrated into the pane views of the program, allowing you to search for specific keywords without having to go into your browser.
  • Facebook Integration- With the latest Beta release of TweetDeck, you are now able to add a pane dedicated to your Facebook friends updates. I'll be honest- ever since I got on Twitter, I have left my Facebook account sitting on a shelf collecting dust. I've noticed that with this new version of TweetDeck, I now visit my Facebook page much more often to comment, answer messages, and deal with all of the Invites and Superpokes thrown my way.

Overall, as I mentioned, I've been very happy with TweetDeck. The one feature that I wish they would add is the ability to include multiple accounts. I have my primary account that I use for my network of ventures, but I have other miscellaneous accounts for other projects.


Twirhl is another great desktop-based Twitter client. I have been using this piece of Adobe Air software to handle my other non-primary accounts. While I'm logged in, I can keep track of all posts, updates, and feeds without having to constantly log in and out of accounts in the browser.

Twhirl's Unique Features

  • Multiple accounts - This is the big one! I currently have three secondary accounts that am plugged into through Twhirl. TweetDeck is great for all of the functionality, but it still keeps me logging into Twitter on my browser to check feeds from my other accounts. Twhirl has made it possible to keep all of my other accounts on my desktop, saving me a great deal of time every evening when I typically go through my feeds and responses.
  • Client for other Social Networks- In addition to Twitter, Twhirl allows you to also access Friendfeed, and If you are into Vlogging, Twhirl's got you hooked up with Seesmic as well. I'll be honest - I haven't played with these settings much, as i haven't found a need to set up my own microblogging service. For those of you that are wondering, is a Twitter-like service based on the platform. If you are wanting to set up your own decentralized Twitter-like service, take a look!
  • Organization- TweetDeck keeps everything in one, long window. Twhirl splits each individual component into it's own window that you can place wherever you wish on your screen. For some, this may get to be too much to keep up with. The great thing is, you can have it all go back into your taskbar with one click! The whole setup (even with multiple accounts open) takes up less real estate than a useable TweetDeck setup, so this may be a good compromise for those of you needing wiggle room on your screens.
  • Search Functions- A bit more confusing for me than TweetDeck's search. It seems like once you get the hang of it, Twhirl's search may have a bit more functionality, though.

These are the two Twitter Desktop apps that I'm currently using. There are other solutions out there, and I look forward to reviewing them all. You would be hardpressed to establish an effective Twitter-based marketing or brand development campaign without making use of a capable desktop app. There's just too much information to comb through having to rely on the simple Twitter browser or a mobile app. Those solutions are great in and of themselves, and will be featured in other articles. If you have any questions or comments, and are a member of the TweetClubb, feel free to call or write!

Sample: Advertising Revenue


One of the easiest ways to generate income using Twitter is to set up a Twitter account that you will constantly keep updated. Talk about different things to different people, and don't fall into the trap of following everything and anything that Tweets. Get up to ~100 followers, and sign up for Magpie. This service inserts an advertisement in between your regular Tweets. Many ppl on Twitter hate this service, as it is often abused by spam accounts, but it is one of the best ways to get affiliate sales on Twitter.

You choose the advertisements that get posted on your account, and how often they get posted (every other Tweet, every 15, etc). If someone clicks and buys the product or signs up for the service, you make a certain percentage of the sale.

Initially this won't be very much, but users with 10,000+ followers can make enough to support a comfortable lifestyle.

Again, the point is to make sure that it is a legitimate account, and that you aren't just putting up constant ads and referral links. Keep your followers entained, and pick advertisements that have to do with the topics that you are trying to promote.


Twittad is a service that is considered less intrusive (and hence, less controversial) than Magpie. This monetizing program keeps out of your Twitter posts, and instead places adds on the background of your profile. This method is becoming obsolete, as more and more people are shifting away from looking at the browser-based profiles, and instead relying on the profile info provided by desktop, browser, or mobile clients. This may be the perfect fit for you, however, if you are looking for a limited solution to get some extra referrals to your site without having to pay for an expensive ongoing ad campaign.

For those of you with a profile background that you're not really doing much with, sprucing it up a bit with Twittad isn't that bad of an idea. It is the virtual equivalent of putting a politician's yard sign in front of your house. Your friends and neighbors can look at it, but no one is telling them to vote for the guy/gal.

Other Options

Other options to make money advertising on Twitter is contacting and signing businesses that are interested in your advertisements, and managing the campaigns yourself. Note - this will probably only work if you have at least 2500 followers. Otherwise, businesses are more likely to go with one of the services mentioned above, as they will get more bang for their buck.

The best, and most effective way to make money on Twitter using Advertising is simply running a good blog or web site. Provide constant udates and fresh content, and send your followers to your site to read what you have come up with (or watch you latest video). Once your followers are at your site, they will have the chance to click on any advertising or affiliate links that you may have put up. The benefit is that you are directing traffic To your site, rather than causing followers to fall away. In these days, it is fairly standard to see Adwords sections somewhere on a blogger's page, but the concept of ads via Tweet is still fairly alien.

Twitter in Plain English

Twitter for Business

Sample: Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma is a great bit of online Flash code that allows you to quickly see all of the people that you follow, and the ones that follow you. The Red/Green arrows under the profile pic of each of the Tweeters’ profile pics lets you know whether or not they are following you, or vice versa. Basically, it’s a Flash application that fetches your friends and followers from Twitter. It allows you to quickly sort through them. By default, the list contains all your friends and followers and is sorted by last update, showing those who most recently updated first. You have a number of options of how to sort the list to do what you are wanting it to do.

If you'd like to learn how to use this, along with other Twitter tools to make money, feel free to become a member of the TweetClubb!

Reach Your Local Market

For those of you with location-based businesses (i.e stores, delivery, etc), you may want to find Twitter users that are currently living around your area. A great service to help you do this is called LocalTweeps. This site is a directory of "Tweeps" based on Zip code. This is a great way to find people around you, and also allow other LocalTweeps users the opportunity to find your Twitter account.

Build a Following on Twitter

One of the time-honored ways of building a following on Twitter is by following people you find interesting, and hoping that they follow you back. A cheat to this is knowing who will follow you back, and who won't. I recently came across a page that lists the Top 250 Coolest, most Interesting.. and so on and so forth. The great thing for you to know is, all of these people have a HUGE following, and most of them will graciously follow you back. Now, if you're expecting to get some great conversation out of them, I would look elsewhere. Tweeps with 1000+ followers that follow at least as many tend to stay mum, and most never look at their @replies, due to the staggering amount of them. If you were following 100,000 people, and only 1% of them wrote you once a day, you would have 1000 messages to keep up with!

If you need to draw numbers, then feel free to follow them. I'll admit- I follow of few of the Tweeps on that list - but primarily because I've looked over their latest updates and enjoyed what I saw.

The best way to build a following on Twitter, in my opinion, is to have an opinion. Voice what you think, and find people that talk about topics you're interested in. If they're talking about it, and they see that you are too, then you are usually going to have another follower. Their friends will notice them talking to you, and will get curious, and will also follow you. If you keep this up with various active people on Twitter, you'll be the King of your very own Tweetdom before you know it!

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    • Aussie Holiday profile image

      Aussie Holiday 

      8 years ago from New Zealand

      awesome hub man, thanks for the info. i have about 10,000 followers (thanks to a marvelous program!) and need to drive that traffic somewhere, cheers mate

    • employeralliance profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Florida

      No Problem- Glad to Help. You Hub on HubPages helped me as well, lol. Twitter is a great way to make extra income, and used in conjunction with other methods - a way to reach financial independence!

    • WordPlay profile image

      Carla Chadwick 

      9 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks so much for these tips. I've bookmarked this to read before I take the Twitter plunge. I'll also check out your blog. :-)

    • sophieqd profile image


      9 years ago


      This was great information.

    • employeralliance profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Florida

      Thanks! I try to provide as much info as I can without being overwhelming. If you're interested, take a look at my blogg, I go more in-depth there, and have additional resources available.

    • RVilleneuve profile image


      9 years ago from Michigan

      Wow! There is so much information here. I am intrigued.

    • employeralliance profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Florida

      Feel free to comment any tips, suggestions, questions, or links to you Twitter account. We're happy to help our readers get the word out!


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