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The Best Sites for Kids and Teens to Learn about Money and How to Manage It

Updated on June 12, 2015

I had the priviledge of working with a financial education program for kids a couple of years ago, and that made me appreciate how important it is for young people to learn about money. The challenge of course is to develop programs and activities which present the subject as fun, relevant and even "cool". In recent years, we've seen the development of some very creative online sites aimed precisely at doing this (many of them sponsored by major financial institutions as part of their community service programs). This article points to some of the better sites for kids and teens that I have come across.

Learning about Money

Sites for younger kids

h.i.p Pocket Change (US Mint) A fun site created by the US Mint to help kids learn all about coins.

CIBC SmartStart Program This Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce site aimed at introducing kids to the CIBC SmartStart Program has a rather more commercial/marketing focus than I'd like. But it does provide a good introduction to banks and their products.

Sites for kids and teens

Sense and Dollars Fun, colourful site that's geared towards tweens and teens, created by Maryland Public Television.

Financial Education Curriculum A series of interactive lessons for kids and teens, organised by grade level.

The Mint Well-designed site covering topics such as earning, saving, spending, investing, giving, owing, safeguarding, and tracking.

Sites for older teens

Money Talks Site created by the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE). Check out their well-written guides.

Young Investors Network Aimed at older teens, to guide them through the basics -- from goal-setting, to planning, budgeting, earning and investing.


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    • Marlene_OnTheWall profile image

      Marlene_OnTheWall 9 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for visiting, retirementhelp. In my view, money management should be part of the school curriculum. In today's world, there are so many options when it comes to using and managing money that it pays for children to be given a structured introduction to money, managing it, investing it, etc. An understanding of credit and how different credit products work would be a must as well.

    • retirementhelp profile image

      retirementhelp 9 years ago

      It is never too early to start teaching about money. Great job!!

    • Marlene_OnTheWall profile image

      Marlene_OnTheWall 9 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for the comment! The topic is definitely something I believe in. You make so many mistakes when you start working if you don't start learning about how to manage money early in your life.

    • Finance Chick 911 profile image

      Finance Chick 911 9 years ago from New York City

      Fantastic! I love the youth promotion...