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Newspapers: Hidden money? Money talks in newspaper ink and paper!

Updated on August 1, 2017


Dependency can be taken off the internet solely and a way of making money is available in other sources that could already be delivered to your house! That’s right, that newspaper, whither it be the Salem Evening News, the Boston Herald, or even the New York Times they all have the material in them. By breaking down a newspaper we can save, make, and learn about money. Ironically, all you think the paper is for is news and stock information (which can also make you money, but I’m not aiming at that). So how can your newspaper become a money tree you ask? Well lets break down the components of a newspaper that would serve this cause. The easiest way to break it down I believe is a list.

Newspapers, can really help you make money!
Newspapers, can really help you make money!

Learning about Money

First lets take learning about money, then we will move onto the others. Normally learning about money is basically the values of the US dollar. There are only a few things now and then in local papers. One of the best learning about money things is articles about gold and silver prices and gas prices. Anything that effects money like that is good information that you might have to take into account sometime. Stocks would also fall under this category (if you have stocks to check if they went up or down). There are a lot of thing we hear on the news and read in the paper that effect the dollar that we take for granted. The saying is true: “know what your dealing with” and if your dealing with money you might as well know all you can right!

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Save money with sales the big store has.
Save money with sales the big store has.
Save money with sales the big store has.

Now lets go onto Saving Money

Saving money is clearly shown mostly in local smaller papers in those ad’s that come on Saturday. I had a neighbor who got them every Saturday and took out the best sales of all stores and document them. He then slowly monitored the prices during the week, then during these sales, then the same prices follow up for 3 weeks. Needless to say, he wanted a new flat screen tv. So he took them all and the first week there was a 32 inch for about $57 less then what it would cost. He really wanted to get it but he said no and watched the sales. Every weekend these deals got better and better, finally on the 3rd weekend later a flyer comes in the paper. There was a 48 inch for the same price as that 32 inch with $25 off that original price! The point I am making is this: if you need something, wait till the sale, and if it’s a large thing like a tv (especially tv’s at the time) then if you really mustn’t have that one and have some money to work with watch the trend over a few weeks, and if you play it right you could get a whole lot bigger tv for a better deal then the first one you see. Normal goods are also great, like the Target ad, chips to candy to cookies are all a lot cheaper then most places at these times. The big stores like Target make it an effort to supply things that cheap to get more traffic shopping, some things are even rumored to have lost Target money per sale, just so the shopper buys other things (and this has worked). So take some time to read those ad’s and you will not be displeased! So store weekend ads=save money!

Making money is easy, finding out how is hard!
Making money is easy, finding out how is hard!

Ahh the reason why most of you are here, how to MAKE MONEY with a NEWSPAPER!

Making money with a newspaper isn’t too hard. So you want that bundle to become a money tree, well your in for luck, I don’t know if it can grow into a money tree, but I do know once you start doing this and getting to know how it works you too will make some money off your newspaper\papers. Now it takes some time to look at it as a bankroll and not just a pile of news. Thinking outside of the box here is the ideas to make money:

1.Classified Section- The classifieds have a lot of helpful information! Don’t take my word for it at all, go look for yourself. Here you can find cheap items for resale on eBay or your own online store, heck even some of them can be brought to places like a bookseller if its in good enough condition. Some of the things are listed free, yes let me repeat that, FREE. So now we have free items to resell and we have paid for items to sell for more online and to booksellers etc. But that isn’t all! No way, there are jobs-wait a second did he say job?-jobs listed on the classifieds! You might find something your good at and get paid for it, the cool thing with classified sections is that some of them have jobs for personal people listed, like say lawn mowing every other Saturday, you use your equipment contact: 1-382-237-3337 for info.(fake number)

2. Yard Sale Listing- You bet. Go to a yard sale around your town and if you spy something good get it and resell it! Really, most people don’t plan to make a lot of money on a yard sale, they just want to get rid of stuff they don’t need, but just because they don’t need it and no one around you needs it, doesn’t mean someone isn’t willing to buy it on eBay or something. Even better, if you’re good at fixing things (this works for yard sales or classified section) then get old chairs, computers (if that’s your thing), tables, anything you think for a small amount you can fix up and resell. I have a friend that does this for days when he’s off work, he has wonderful things, one of his major fixes was a recliner chair, he got it for $35. He fixed the wooden things on the bottom and the springs that make it recline. The repairs were about $40. He also got some patches for a hole or two in the leather (about $15). The chair was like brand new! Cleaned down and nice looking he sold the chair for $300. This took him about 3 hours of fixing on a Sunday afternoon.

3. Testing?- Are you a smoking female age 35 and over? Willing to take part in a paid study of (testing product here)? You could make $300 for this and all the treatments are free. Ever see an ad like this? There open to anyone who fits the needs. These people advance medical research to make it better for everyone.

4. Stocks- Like I said, I’m not aiming at this, but of course you need to consider it. The stock market is always moving and the business section goes into detail about what is going on in the business world. Helpful information for anyone in general. If you can work the stock market, good luck and hope it continues to work for you =).

5. Hub it likes its hott, Hub it likes its hott. – Thinking outside the box is one thing all of us can do. There are news articles and information in that paper that can give you ideas to write articles and have backup information. Everything can be written about that’s in a newspaper in some form. I’m not saying copying the article, no no no. You write it yourself and get ideas from it. If it helps the topic and Hub add quotes from the article you used in it. I personally try to read the paper everyday to get ideas for Hubs or concepts to use in Hubs I come up with from outer space. Anything, including tv, radio, newspapers, the works will help you get ideas for Hubs to get research for unless you already know about it. Many ideas I have gotten from other resources I know a lot about, the only problem was I didn’t think about them.

Hundreds of items listed daily.
Hundreds of items listed daily.

Clearly money can be made from newspapers. For all I know right now there are many more ways. As I discover these ways I will add them to this Hub. I hope this Hub helps you or gets your head thinking about newspapers and there potential. All comments welcomed.

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Recycling saves the planet, Please Recycle!
Recycling saves the planet, Please Recycle!

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