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Thrifting: Thrifting with Non-thrifters

Updated on September 2, 2015

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to concentrate on an activity with someone that doesn’t share the same passion or focus on the activity as you do. This applies to anything – studying, exercising, watching a movie and especially thrift shopping. Equipped with their negative perception of thrift stores and sly remarks “I itch just walking in here”, non-thrifters require more patience than thrift shopping itself sometimes. However, shopping with non-thrifters can be tamed with a little preparation and strategy.

Pre-Thrift Shopping

Understand that the shopping trip should cater to the both of you; the thrifter is to enjoy the shopping and the non-thrifter is to tolerate the shopping. Determine the amount of time for thrifting that suits the both of you. Accept the fact that this trip is not going to allow examination of each item in the s tore so you will need to narrow your shopping trip to only one or two categories. And the categories you do select shouldn’t be time consuming, meaning the scanning, inspection, trying it on, testing it out, and deciding if you want it or not shouldn’t take a lot of time. As we know, thrifting requires stamina and limiting the time and categories you search will prevent your non-thrifting companion from burning out and becoming agitated. Make sure to choose a thrift store that isn’t too intimidating. A thrift store that has a clean appearance and is organized will be a lot more accepting to your non-thrifting companion. If you are thrifting with someone that is interested in thrifting but has never done so, this would be a great time to share some of your thrifting tips and tricks.

Thrift Shopping

While thrift shopping, try to focus on high quality and popular sought after items such as designer clothing, antiques, and desirable collectibles. Steer clear of items needing TLC. Non-thrifters already have the preconceived notion that thrift stores are full of bruised and broken items. Rather than validate their thoughts, show off the gems that can be found. Limit the number of items you do consider buying. An overflowing shopping cart of items to inspect and decide on purchasing can be just as overwhelming as a cluttered store to a non-thrifter. Go for items that quickly catch your eye rather than examining every item in the category that you are shopping in. This will make the most of your time and keep your shopping companion’s tolerance at a healthy state.

Post-Thrift Shopping

This is when the ‘I told you so’ song and dance about finding great things at a thrift store is to commence. And a congratulations can be given to your non-thrifting companion for surviving the ordeal and even more so if they found some great things themselves. And who knows, maybe your trip will sway them to convert to thrift shopping. Good luck and happy thrifting!


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