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Rush Card by Russell Simmons : Prepaid Visa Debit Card - Rebuild Your Credit History -

Updated on January 23, 2011

Russell Simmons Rush Card And BabyPhat Card

Bad Credit? Don't Have A Bank Account But Need To Get Some Plastic? If you're on a low income or receiving government benefits you may find it difficult to open a bank account. Maybe you've got into debt and have a bad credit score. Perhaps you want to join the digital age and pay for goods and services on the internet but you don't have a credit card. Many people in the US feel held back in life because of these kinds of financial circumstances.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Russell Simmons recognized that hundreds of thousand of Americans were in need of an alternative to traditional banking or credit cards. In 2008, the best selling author and co-founder of Def Jam records decided to launch a new flexible payment solution, the Rush Card. The Rush Card and it's pink companion the BabyPhat card (for the ladies of course) is a prepaid Visa Debit card. It's available to anyone, irrespective of your income level or employment status.

Everyone is eligible for a Rush Card, it's easy to apply:

  • no credit check
  • you don't need to have a bank account
  • everyone is approved (pending verification of identity)

What Are The Benefits Of Russell Simmons' Rush Card

With a Rush Card or a BabyPhat card you can shop anywhere you see the VISA sign. You can use it a millions of locations worldwide, at ATMs and you can go shopping online. It's as flexible as a credit card but there's no risk of being charged high interest rates or going into debt. It's a pre-paid card so you can only spend what you deposit in the first place. There are lots of different ways to add money to the card and it's safer than carrying cash. You can also setup a direct deposit for your paycheck onto your Rush Card.

The Russell Simmons RushCard Is For You

Improve your credit situation with a RushCard Visa


Different Ways To Add Money

Direct Deposit

Your monthly payroll or even your government benefits can be deposited automatically onto your card. Direct Deposit is free, fast and secure. It's an easy and convenient alternative to having a bank account.

Cash Deposit

There are lots of ways to deposit cash onto your RushCard. Here are some options:

  • Moneygram: Using the ExpressPayment service you can top up your card at over 40,000 locations nationwide including Walmart and CVS. Moneygram charges a $3.95 fee for each cash deposit
  • Western Union: You can use any of the participating Western Union branches again there's a $3.95 fee

Bank transfer

If your bank offers electronic bill pay service you can directly transfer funds from any bank account for free

Check or money orderIf you want to add a check or money order, just send it in by mail. There's no charge for this service.

PaypalAny Paypal account can be used to transfer money to a RushCard. Just login, select Withdraw Funds and enter your card details

Tax refundFederal and state tax refunds can be deposited for free. You can get your tax refund up to 4 weeks faster if you transfer if to the RushCard. No waiting for the check to arrive in the mail.

Repair and Rebuild Your Credit Score With RushCard

If you've got some bad credit history on your file, RushCard can help with re-building your credit score. If you register for a free RushPath to Credit account and pay for recurring monthly accounts such as your utility or phone bills with your card, RushCard will report your payments to 2 national credit reporting agencies, LexisNexis and PRBC.For each recurring payment you make with your card, you will create a positive entry in your credit file.

Online Tools

With RushCard you get free access to a suite of online tools to help you track your spending, create a budget and easily manage your finances. Colorful graphics and monthly reports let you see exactly what's going on with your income and outgoings.If you need to speak to anyone there's 24/7 customer support on the phone. You can also get up-to date alerts on your cell phone letting you know in real-time of any important transactions.

Earn Money With RushCardOne of the unique features with RushCard and BabyPhat is the refer a friend program. For anyone that you recommend, you receive a $5 bonus. You can also get discounts with some prescription drugs if you use your RushCard.

Improve your credit situation with a RushCard Visa



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