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Of Quantum Physics, Neuroplasticity and Money Beliefs

Updated on August 21, 2012

Quantum Physics and Neuroplasticity seems a world apart from Money Beliefs and yet its relationship has produced numerous bestselling books and training programs in the world.

I never knew I spent most of my professional years working hard for the money instead of getting money to work hard for me until I joined a Financial IQ talk. From then on, I further deepened my understanding of “money works” which lead me to different fields of study. Quantum Physics caught my attention and so did Neuroplasticity .

The Quantum Physics Connection: Adding a New Perspective on Money

Money is an instrument of exchange for products or services rendered. Man invented it to lessen the inconvenience of having to bring around heavy loads of his own produce in exchange for items or services from other individuals who have the things he needs for his own survival. Money was born out of practicality and not iniquity. The negativity was introduced when people started using it to represent “greed” and “selfishness” and therefore something “evil”. Thus, was born the negative belief system toward money.

After reading the facts presented above, I am almost certain that something has stirred inside you. That would be called “adding a new perspective on money.” You are now experiencing the benefit of observing something new about money. This is where Quantum physics comes in. Something exists at the moment of observation.

Where before you only observed how money was linked to “evil” ways, you now are able to observe it in a new dimension, that from the plain of its original intent. At this point you may even be ready to observe money in various perspectives. Let’s go for it.

The Neuroplasticity Connection: Rewiring Your Perspective on Money

When I first encountered the phrase “rewiring your mind” I took it as a figure of speech. Then I read about Neuroplasticity, ”the ability of the human brain to change as a result of one's experience - both the brain's physical structure (anatomy) and functional organization (physiology) from top to bottom.” Tadaaaaaah!

Talk about changing perspectives - Neuroplasticity, blew my mind! (Figuratively speaking with fun intended) Experience is able to physically and functionally affect the human brain. What do we use to experience the world? We use our different senses. Hmmm, now things were becoming clear to me.

The connection between Quantum Physics, Neuroplasticity and Money Beliefs were now making more sense than ever. This is the time I need to map out my thoughts.

Negative Money Beliefs --->passed on to us ---> we experienced it because that was our point of observation = our brained wired up to accept this as the truth.

Good. Now what? How do we rewire our brain so that it observes a positive perspective of money and thus be able to experience this dimension and allow the brain to accept this positive information? One way is to induce the experience using our senses coupled with the Appreciation element.

The Appreciation Connection

You may participate in the course of this step by step experience or read through and try it out later. Begin by choosing some of the money you have at hand in various denominations and put them on the table in front of you. Once you’re ready proceed with the experience.

  1. Let your eyes SEE all that money. Observe its shape, size, color, the lines, curves, patterns, shadows, reflections etc. Then add Appreciation to it. Appreciate the innovativeness, the artistry, the wisdom and the skill that went along with producing this form of exchange. Savor the experience and once you’re done proceed to the next step.
  2. Touch the money. Feel the different textures of each denomination, its weight, its softness or hardness, its flexibility or sturdiness etc. Now, appreciate the ingenuity, the creativity, the insight and talent involved in the creation of this instrument. When done go to the next step
  3. Listen to the sounds money can create. Drop it, wave it, shake it, mix it, toss it, and play around with it. Appreciate the various sounds it can produce together or otherwise. Appreciate this incidental ability of money.
  4. Smell the different scents each denomination emits and automatically it sends a spontaneous reaction to your sense of Taste. Appreciate the way the scents seem to tell you a story of how many times it has changed hands, where it has gone, how long it has been around, what it is made of and how your other senses are spontaneously responding to every odor. Proceed to next step when done.
  5. Lay out all the money on the table again and place them in an orderly manner. Look at them again and do the following:

  •  Give thanks for its presence in your life because what you are grateful about automatically Appreciates in Value
  • Appreciate the inventors of this mode of exchange
  • Appreciate the purpose to which it was invented
  • Appreciate the ways in which it helps you provide food, clothing and shelter to your loved ones
  • Appreciate the manner in which it is used to help provide basic needs of the underprivileged through agencies, organizations and welfare programs
  • Appreciate how money is used by philanthropists to support valuable humanitarian projects, environmental protection and the like
  • Appreciate how money is able to mobilize things for the better
  • Appreciate the role of money in our present society

As your senses allowed you to experience money in a different way, the manner in which you will observe money now will be shifted to the course directed by Appreciation. Consciously practicing the ability to appreciate money for 90 days will allow Neuroplasticity to take effect resulting in the shifting of your money beliefs. The specified number of days allows the new connections of the brain cells to “take roots” so that the new belief becomes your automatic response or what we call habit.

The Money Appreciation Belief Benefit

Money Appreciation brings into focus the ways in which our funds assists us in our daily living. This particular energy invites more positive experiences of money into our lives. It opens doors to opportunities we had a tendency to deny, negate and reject in the past. It makes us look beyond the inconveniences, worry, doubt and fear bringing us to thoughts of endless possibilities.

Money Appreciation motivates us to act on our thoughts, our visions, and our dreams thereby enhancing our sense of self value. Love yourself for Goodness Sake, Appreciate.

Daisy Ba-ad

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