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Save money, $400 a Month

Updated on June 17, 2011

Times are tough. Unemployment is growing, jobs and money just don't seem to be on every corner. So while making more money may not be an option, cutting some costs can boost your cash flow essentially acting as a "raise".

Cutting costs doesn't mean you have to change your habits, from going out to dinner, the movies, family vacations, whatever you may like to do. When looking at costs to cut, look at those costs that you have to pay no matter what.

An easy way to save $400 or more a month is to look at your house or apartment. Have an extra bedroom? Rent it out, or move in with a roommate. You're going to have to pay for the space regardless, why not fill it out and turn it into a revenue stream. Or move in with someone else and cut your cost down. From both perspectives, tenant / renter, both financially end up in better shape.

Splitting bills and expenses can free up tremendous amounts of cash on a monthly basis. And the great thing is, its not permanent and you may make a friend out of it.

Use the extra cash to pay off debts, pay down your mortgage, pay off your car, save and invest it, or buy some things you've always wanted. Either way, its money earned without having to do anything but be willing to share.


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    • Dr Ken Romeo profile image

      Dr Ken Romeo 7 years ago

      It's a great theory if you don't get a roommate who flakes out on sharing expenses.

      I've had too many bad experiences and love my privacy, but your argument is well taken.

      Thanks for a great idea and Hub.