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sharpening your sixth sense of investment and financial intelligence through reading

Updated on June 26, 2015


Becoming investment savvy and financially intelligent is not an impossible task; it is what everyone can achieve and be happy that he or she did. The only problem is that people fail to appreciate the importance of reading. A friend of mine once exclaimed and shouted bye-bye to reading after our graduation. He thought that graduation is synonymous to actualization. When I say reading, I don’t mean reading anything. But, reading materials that can sharpen your sixth sense of investment and financial intelligence. You cannot expect to be a good lawyer or Accountant while you spend all your spare time reading fictional novels. Though I read a good number of them, but, never got carried away by them.

You do not need to have degrees in investment appraisal before you can make intelligent and economically viable investment decisions. All you need to do is read some or all of the books I will be mentioning in this hub and some other ones you will come across from time to time and you will be fine. Good books that teach investment in simple manners are not hard to find. You can buy some or all of these Amazon books displayed here.

Think and grow rich

This is a classic book written by Napoloen Hills under the watchful eyes of Carnegie. This book will get you thinking in the right direction. You may not get much from the book at first read but subsequent readings will help bring out the best in you. The massage in the book started sinking into my head after the fourth read (hey, did I hear you calling me a dull brain? That is not my fault you know, LOL.) Think and grow rich is another book I read on a daily basis apart from my Bible. It helps push your sixth sense to unconsciously go to work.

The richest man in Babylon

This also is another classic book written by George Clason. The illustrations and parables used in the book helped to make the art of money making, savings and investment look real and achievable. This book made me realise that what you think barely sustain you today can still sustain you even if 10% of it or more is removed in the form of savings, and subsequently invested.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book written by Robert Kiyosaki blends the modern day investment thinking and classic view of investment. It is to me the first complete book written with the sole aim of motivating people into taking action that will better their lives.  I first read the book when I was in my second year of study in the University. It opened my eyes to what an asset really is, as against the accounting meaning that my lecturers have used to stock my head. The book goes on to explore the weakness of our schooling system. Though I think this has slightly changes. Thanks to Kiyosaki and others involved in the race to have a better curricular in our schooling system. You can also buy other books written by the authors of this book. They call them the Rich Dad Series.

These are books that will help change the way you think about investment and savings. In this modern time that we are living in now, it takes a well sharpened sixth sense of investment and financial intelligence to make the kind of wealth and riches you desire. And all that is needed is to invest both your money in quality investment books and also invest your time in reading them. It will not be enough to just buy these Amazon books displayed here, you will have to invest your time in reading the books and implementing the nuggets of truth that are in the books.

You can also sharpen your sense of investment and financial intelligence by reading financial statements of companies. Reading, analysis and interpreting financial statements will make develop love for language of figure which will in turn help you understand the language of business better.


Note that gone are the days when we give flimsy excuses of not having the right motivation to read our books, we have KINDLE edition of almost all these books that you can buy and read them with ease. The text to speech function of kindles makes it fun to read. In case you don't have a kindle yet, here is one that you can buy immediately and start enjoying.

Enjoy yourself reading while you at the same time sharpen your sixth sense of investment and financial intelligence!


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    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      Thanks Nelle for investing your time into reading this hub. I don't need to be told you are an avid reader. Your level of intelligence is ringing it loud and clear. And do you know what? You are among those that the world has been packaged for beacuse, you are a learner.

      Keep reading,

      Keep learning, and

      keep exploiting


    • profile image

      Nelle Hoxie 7 years ago

      These are really good choices Chinweike. I've also read a lot of the works of Jeffrey Gitomer to stay motivated. And I love the book Focus by Jack Canfield.

      I agree with you that it's really important to read these kinds of books.