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student loans without credit check

Updated on September 5, 2008

Copyright: Jones Fischer

Bad Credit

Once you have many student loans bulking up one after another you will realize that its going to be tough to pay them all at once, making your credit score drop a few points. Thats not something you want. Even worse if your credit score is already in the low end. That is why many institutions offer you student loans regardless of credit history.

The lower your credit score, the more interest rates you will have. That is something that can be avoided with non credit based student loans. Why? Because there are two types of student loans without credit check. There are secured student loans, and unsecured student loans. We want to aim for a secured student loan.

Secured Student Loans Without Credit Check

With a secured student loan you can get your loan by guaranteeing you will pay it off in the time previously agreed on with something you own. This will prevent high interests and a greater chance for you to pay it off.

Student loans no credit check not only prevent high interest student loans, but you can also rise your FICO score if you determine yourself to pay your quotes in time. Its much easier with a secured non credit check student loan because your payments are low.

Consolidate Student Loans

An once you have a considerable amount of loans, you can consider to consolidate student loans because it will become quite a hassle to manage them all and youll have a bunch of receipts etc... with consolidated student loans you can manage them all with one simple receipt and extend the repaying time by 10 years!

Through out the years Jones Fischer has been able to pay off his student loans and live without the worry of having a deadline to meet. You can visit and find out what he did to be able to live relaxed and comfortable.


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    • perfumer profile image

      perfumer 9 years ago from California

      Thanks for your comment FixMyCredit

    • profile image

      FixMyCredit 9 years ago

      If you have less-than-great credit and need a student loan, a co-signer would be a great way to get a better rate for yourself.