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Search for Banks, Stock Markets and Stock Exchanges

Updated on July 19, 2011

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Finding the right bank, the right stock exchanges, the right revenue agencies (okay this one is really a no-brainer) can sometimes prove to be, well, tedious. Hopefully this list will help you to find the right bank(s) online for you.

Below, you will find a list of a few banks, the services that each of the banks offer; national stock exchanges and revenue agencies online. You may want to bookmark this page, as it has a great deal of information that you can use to improve your banking, portfolio, and more!

Best wishes to you and may you have a success-filled and money-growing-on-trees life. :) And may you wish the same for me! :)

Little known fact:

If you can manage to save five dollars ($5.00) per day for 25 years, you'll have saved $45,625 on the 9,125th day!

A few finance management tips:

Don't crack open your piggy bank, unless you absolutely have to! (If you make him/her happy, you're bound to have the same happiness returned to you, when you have to brake him/her open.) :)

If your bank charges fees for ATM withdrawals, change banks!

If you need to buy another piggy bank, buy one, two, or a whole family of piggy banks!

Savings accounts with higher yielding interest rates are better than regular checking accounts.

Shop around for banks that have the best interest rates.

Don't pay for checking accounts! There are many banks with FREE checking!

Managing Your Investments with Online Stock Trades

Stocks & Stock Exchanges

Many people have made fortunes by buying and trading stocks. You have the potential to do the same! Here's my advice: Invest wisely! What I mean by that is that you should only invest if you can afford to invest. On the flip side of the coin, no pun intended... if you like a good gamble, you could always mortgage your house and use the money to buy potentially great stock!


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