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How to find a good Florida house insurance company?

Updated on November 13, 2010

Florida House Insurance

The state of Florida is known for its devastating hurricanes. Who can forget the Hurricane Andrew of 1992? Afterwards the people of Florida had to suffer catastrophic hurricanes during the years 2004 and 2005. They had impacted almost the daily life of its citizens. In this melee, Florida house insurance companies have been badly affected. Earlier there were 500 companies which offered Florida house insurance. But today most of the big names associated with Florida house insurance have been eclipsed as most of them have already left the state or stopped their business. Now-a-days, there are around 40 companies left who are running the Florida house insurance business.

Most of the companies are just start-ups and have little experience pertaining to the business of Florida house insurance. People are now a bewildered lot. Their billion dollar question today is how to find a good Florida house insurance company? People mostly expect a probable good Florida house company which during the course of the hurricane anticipates its adjuster to visit their houses and take assessment of the situation i.e. note down damages occurred and help in releasing the checks quickly. Here are some points which could help you find more about choosing the right kind of Florida house insurance company.

Firstly, look for Florida house insurance company which is known for its reputation and has a good track record. You can verify the antecedents of any registered Florida house insurance company from Florida Office of Insurance Regulations. It is also advised to verify the company's NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) code. Through this code you can deep research about the financial ratings of the company. Check if they have vast experience in this field and has an exceptional system to write policies and process claims. Pay heed to the financial stability of the company. Ensure whether the company has the ability to pay surplus claims and has high financial ratings. Carefully read, the risk diversification of the company, verify if the base of the policy is scattered geographically covering most of the counties in Florida or its base is limited to counties which are located along the Florida coast. A Florida house insurance company which offers expandable policy base to other counties would be a better option to choose from.

Check about the company's customer service. There are chances when you need to their office for support. Note down whether the customer supports people answers your queries in a timely manner. Whether your billing questions are given top priority, these are small questions which could offer you some insight into the skills and systems of the Florida house insurance company with whom you wish to deal with for the future. Remember insurance of your home and life property is of paramount importance.


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