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2 Great Stock Trading Games

Updated on July 10, 2011

Stock Trading Practice

Are you looking for a good way to learn how to trade stocks or improve your trading skills? If so you might consider trying out a virtual stock trading game, also known as paper trading. These little goodies can do much to improve your understanding of stock market mechanics without putting your money at risk. Stock trading is somewhat of an art that can only be learned through trial and error. The opportunity to learn the skills of this art without risking your money is a godsend. Yet, these two fantasy stock trading games allow you to do just that - completely free!

Wall Street Survivor Stock Trading Game

Learn How to Invest with Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivor puts you in charge of $100,000 to manage your own fantasy stock portfolio. You get the opportunity to practice your trading skills and even win cash prizes if you perform well. Your fantasy stock trades occur in real time and with real companies. Their data feeds are from Thomson, the same that are used by real brokers and traders. In fact, everything is just as it would be if you were actually trading stocks, the only difference is the imaginary money. And WSS doesn't just limit you to stocks, they allow you to get your feet wet with options as well.

Their trading dashboard is packed with an overwhelming amount of information available for your use in analyzing the markets, all in real time. Some other benefits to Survivor traders are the ability to exchange valuable strategies and trading ideas with other participants and access to a research center with data, charts, watch lists, news, and much more.

Practice Stock Trading with UpDown

UpDown is another trading simulator that gives you practice with investing in stocks. They have a large collaborative network of fantasy stock traders that you can confer and compete with, all the while increasing your trading skills and knowledge. Cash prizes are awarded monthly and yearly. Your stock portfolio with UpDown starts off at $1,000,000, so you have plenty of room for errors and mistakes while learning the basics of trading.

If you are into gaming and betting then have a look at one of these stock market games. They mix real-time stock market action with the ability to bet your stock picks against those of other players. The winner of each tournament takes the pot.

Although stock simulators can teach you a great deal, always keep this in mind: when we have real money on the line we traders tend to do stupid things, such as changing our plans in the middle of a trade, which almost always results in losses. It requires extreme discipline and sound money management to become successful at stock trading - skills that a stock trading game usually doesn't teach you. You must develop these skills personally. As long as you remember this then using a trading simulator will most likely be very beneficial to you.

Stock Picking Tools

If you need help picking stocks try one of these free tools from the pros.


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