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Ways to not pay for college

Updated on February 13, 2015

Pay for College Without Your Money

College can be so expensive these days, if you don't choose wisely you can pay for college for twenty or more years after you graduate. Some people may never be able to pay off their college debt and will suffer from wage garnishments and hits to their credit report. Here are a few ways that you can pay for college without opening your wallet.

Scholarship Search-Search and apply for as many scholarships that you can. You can find scholarships on the website of the college you plan to attend. You can also do your own independent scholarships search online but be careful of scams and do your research. You can also purchase scholarship listing in books on sites like Amazon. It is amazing how many people are willing to sign a loan agreement but wont spend time looking for scholarships and often there isn't many competition for these scholarships. I have even heard of a left hand scholarship.

Check your Local Unemployment Office- Many people don't know about the funding available for attending school at your unemployment office. This funding will often pay for full tuition and books. The majority of the funding is available for community and technical school.

AmeriCorps- AmeriCorps is a federal program created to assist non profit organizations with staffing. Once you are accepted into the program you are assigned to a nonprofit and you can work up to three years with them. You will get a small stipend every two weeks for you work and at the end of your term you will receive an educational award up to 10,000 for cost of attending college.

Pell Grant- If you meet the requirements you may be eligible for a Pell Grant. This grant does not have to be paid back and you do have to reapply for each year of school. You can access the application be going to

Stay in your Financial Aide Office- There is a ton of information available online but there is also of information that is not online and you can find different scholarship programs not by speaking to the people that work in the office. For example I had a friend who was very desperate to pay for school during the summer. My friend went to the financial aide office and explained her situation to the worker there. The worker found a scholarship for single mothers and my friend was able to apply for it. Turns out she was the only who applied and received more than enough to pay for her summer semester.

College is fundamental yet the rate of tuition seems to get higher every year, make sure you take the time to carefully invest in your future and finance your education carefully.


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