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Why People Don't Talk About Money

Updated on January 16, 2015
Why People Don't Talk about Money
Why People Don't Talk about Money

Most people are raised from childhood to not talk about money, but they don't know why this unwritten rule exists. Here are the main reasons why people don't talk about money.

  • Talking about how much money you have makes you vulnerable. If you have a lot of savings, investments, or an expensive house and you let it be known, you could be unknowingly setting yourself up for a home invasion, robbery, or identity theft. Even people you perceive to be friends, colleagues, or harmless cordial neighbors could commit a crime against you or your property. The temptation of an easy dollar, especially if others are secretly lacking assets, can make a criminal out of the mildest person.

  • Talking about financial abundance can make you false friends. It is human nature to want a high social status, and if someone thinks that being your friend will give them a more prominent status, then they are likely to want to get closer to you. But the nature of true friendship is not based on how much money a person has. Keeping quiet about your finances is more likely to ensure that the people that become close to you do so because they genuinely like you.

Born Rich: People who don't want to talk about money

  • Talking about your net worth causes rifts with friends and acqaintances. Do you want to see a good friend or colleague become bitter, withdraw, or be overcome with jealousy? Talk about your finances. To some people there is nothing more disappointing than knowing that someone in their social circle has a lot more money than them. Even though you might be a very cordial and friendly person, revealing your financial status can make others feel that life has been unfair to them, and being around you will be a constant reminder of that – even if the person is somewhat well-off themselves.

  • Talking about how much money you have causes people to want undeserved favors from you. If you reveal that you are rich or simply a little more affluent than friends or extended family members, prepare to hear a lot of stories about financial distress and requests for loans or favors. People will come out of the woodwork if they believe you might be the ticket out of their financial problems. While helping people out always feels good, it is unfair for people to treat you as a problem solver for their financial issues that you had no hand is causing.

The above reasons why people don't talk about money could be summed up succintly by saying that doing the opposite can cause undue stress and perhaps even harm your property and you.

Conversely, if you come to realize that you have less money than your neighbors, associates, or other people you know, you could find yourself in a very unhappy position or state of mind.

Money is not everything and can cloud proper judgment. That is why you should never reveal an abundance of money or lack thereof.


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